Table Talk

I am often on the hunt for "high and low" furnishings when putting design boards together.  Today, I'd like to share with you more "budget-friendly" dining, coffee, and end tables that I've come across.

Dining Tables

When it comes to dining tables, I believe in investing in a solid, quality piece.  I feel the same about sofas, but that's another conversation.  The table is the "centerpiece" of any dining space.  You can more easily alter the look of your dining room by changing out the seating or decor, but the table is not typically something that is changed often.  Whether you use your dining table on a daily basis or not, it should be able to stand the test of time - from both a functional and style perspective.

Here are a few seemingly good buys based on aesthetics, construction, and quality:

Contemporary Walnut Oval Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table

Wood & Glass Dining Table

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables can be a fun place to do something different (same goes for end tables).  You don't need to stick with "traditional" coffee tables per se.  You can use ottomans, trunks, chests, or a grouping of smaller cubes/tables!

Here are a few coffee tables that have recently caught my eye:

Storage Rattan Coffee Table

2-drawer contemporary table with storage

Group 2 together to form a unique coffee table!

End Tables

Like coffee tables, have some fun with your choice of end tables.  See if a non-traditional item can be used as a side table.  Stools and stacked poufs are great alternatives to traditional end tables - plus they can double as extra seating when in a pinch.





If you need assistance with sourcing a product, please feel free to contact me!

Main Bathroom Renovation

I am in the midst of designing the main bathroom of our house.  The second phase of our home renovation is in the works.  One of the rooms that will undergo a complete renovation during this phase is our main bathroom.

I am THE slowest when it comes to designing the rooms in our own home.  I'm partial to clean, modern lines, but I'm also quite eclectic.  Many styles are total eye candy to me, which makes the decision process more difficult.  Alas, the time has come to pull the trigger on a design direction and make some decisions!

Houzz I Bathroom Design Inspiration


This bathroom is the main one all four of us use on a daily basis.  The guest bathroom is fully functional and renovated, but we don't use it for showers or getting ready.  The master bathroom (I use the term "master" very loosely) is half-demolished.  We'll hopefully get around to doing the entire master suite sooner rather than later.


The main goal for this bathroom design is to give it a bright, streamlined, "tradi/transitional", and luxurious feel.  When I say "tradi/transitional", I mean updated traditional with clean modern lines (timeless but contemporary).  I also want the space to have an unexpected design element, i.e. a dose of my signature "quirky" twist!  I would also like the space to be low maintenance from a cleaning perspective.  That's not so much to ask for on a modest budget, right?!


We will be gutting the entire room, so I will have a blank slate with which to work. Here are some inspirational images of design elements that I am considering to incorporate into the room:

House Beautiful
House Beautiful

It's time for me to go full speed ahead on shopping for all the finishes.  I will likely have to make some compromises along the way depending on actual costs, but wish us luck that we score a few great deals and come in on budget!

Follow along on our home renovation journey:

Tropical-Inspired Home Decor

Could you see these home accessories in your interiors during the summer months?!  The natural woven textures and vibrant, fresh colors speak summer.  A seasonal accessory update is a great way to refresh a space without spending too much money.  The product board shown above was inspired by tropical/beach landscapes, since that always comes to mind when I think of summer!

Most of our annual summer family vacations have included the beach.  A couple of our most recent trips were to these locations:



{Photo Credits: My Hubby}

The turquoise and coral color scheme that are on the accessory board above were inspired by the beach waters (turquoise) and tropical sunrises/sunsets (coral). Until the next tropical vacation, I'll just be dreaming of the islands...and/or decorating with beach-inspired accessories!

Design Trend: The Ikat Pattern

Lots of love for ikat patterns over here!  Ikat is a type of dye technique that is used to pattern textiles.  It uses a "resist dyeing" process on the weave fibers of a textile prior to actual dyeing and weaving.  It is a universal weaving style common to many cultures.  

House Beautiful

Ikat is a favorite among designers because it can add "drama" or an "exotic" flair to a given space.  Despite its popularity, ikats are more than just a design trend.  It has a long history, and is one of the oldest forms of textile decoration.

I especially love to use ikat patterns on draperies, throw pillows, ottomans, and chairs.  There is so much variety in color and pattern that can be found in ikat fabrics.  Any time you can incorporate fabric to soften a space, the better - especially if the fabric is full of color, pattern, texture, and dimension!


Southern Living

Source Unknown

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

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Feature Friday: Cheerful & Colorful Dining


Isn't this week's featured space so welcoming and cheerful?!  I love the bright and happy feeling that this dining space exudes.  Although the room has white walls and light/neutral furniture, it is bursting with personality.  The accessories and decor are filled with color, pattern, and texture. There is so much interest, depth, and dimension resulting from the successful layering of textiles, and mixing of colors and pattern.  The beautiful area rug that grounds the space also ties in all the colors in the art and accessories.  Proper scale, balance, and repetition are what make the colors and patterns work so well together.  I just LOVE a cheerful, well-designed room!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Summer Breakin' 2014: Week 5 Recap


Summer Break Week 5 in Review

Time really does fly when you're having fun!  Here's a photo recap highlighting some of the kids' fun during week 5 of summer break:

After repeated attempts at conversation, I gave into this. The boys re-reading old books...
Enjoying another summer picnic!
Just finished lunch. Resting before wreaking havoc...

Outdoor fun at the park

Instead of walking on the bridge, they "tight-roped" the entire time.  Typical.

Taking a break from pretending to be pirates.  The play structure is shaped like a pirate ship.
This is SO him!

The highlight of the week was an overnight sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Cousin LOVE

The boys had a sleepover with big cousin, Dylan. Cousins Kalea & Cubby (his real name is Gabriel, but he's never used it) dropped by for a visit before their trip.

Auntie & nephew selfies!  Bedtime is super flexible in the summer.  However, the boys did not go to bed until after midnight during their sleepover!  Talk about taking advantage fun... :)

Happy as can be at the arcade. Spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa.
Another Lucas-Mommy date while Ryan was at another playdate...

Lucas picked up some new gear on our shopping date.  He had been wearing basketball shoes that were 2 sizes too small (oops!) until he got these green (with pink and yellow accents) LeBron shoes.  There are some very interesting basketball shoes on the market these days!

And why not get a new leather basketball to go with the shoes?!  He REALLY enjoyed this one-on-one date with mommy!

Playing with "D", our neighbor.
Chillaxin' watching a movie. Today was all about R&R.