Recent Frugal Finds

When out sourcing for design projects, I can't help but pick up a little something for our own home.  I have just accepted it as an occupational hazard?!  Come see the items that followed me home last month.

mid century storage cabinet
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Look beyond the current condition of the wood.  Do you see the beautiful mid-century shape?!  This was a thrift score find for $15.00!  It is structurally in solid condition; just needs to be refinished.  I love that it has storage too.  New hardware will hopefully transform this piece into a "campaign style" cabinet!

fuschia pink wall paper

I have a very simple project intended for this pretty silk paper, which was less than $3.00!

diy pillow covers

These 20 x 20 dinner napkins would make great pillow covers.  I scored both for $4.00 total.  But since I don't really sew (need to fix that!), I have an alternative DIY project planned for them.

Have you scored any great frugal finds?  I would love to see.  Tag me on Instagram @cadinteriors or shoot me an e-mail.


Striking Light Fixtures

Hip, hip, is spring break week around here!  I'm spending some solid quality "downtime" with my hubby and kids all week long!

Come check out these beautiful light fixtures that are currently on sale right now.  I'm loving the shapes and textures.

Honeycomb Pendant in Copper
This pendant would cast such a beautiful pattern and glow.
In a Nut Shell Lamps - Set of 2
I love the iridescent texture of this set of lamps.

Cecile Table Lamp, Green

The saturated green hue of this table lamp is striking.  It would make a great accent piece in a monochromatic room.

Gourd Drum Pendant 
This pendant is a simple spin on the traditional gourd shape.  So light and airy!

Devon Floor Lamp, Gold

Gold is clearly having a design-worthy moment in the spotlight right now.  I'm loving the simple design of this gold floor lamp.

Lighting is such an essential component in design, so always try to leave room in your design budget to accommodate for proper lighting needs!

"New Traditional" Living Room Mood Board + Design Tips

TGI-Friday!!!  My kids are heading into their spring break week, so that means some quality R&R time with my family!  Can't wait.

I have a new mood board for you today that was inspired by the traditional chesterfield sofa.  I don't typically gravitate towards super traditional furnishings, but I do love the classic chesterfield.  It is such a timeless piece and makes me feel grown up!

transitional design mood board

When designing around very traditional pieces, like the chesterfield sofa, I always balance the design by introducing something modern and/or unexpected in the space.  Incorporating non-traditional elements helps make a more traditional space feel fresh, current, and young!

Here are a few tips for designing with "new traditional" flair:

1.  Think outside the box for a coffee table.  In this design, I paired two ottoman stools to create a coffee table.  It is unexpected and flexible.  The fact that they are upholstered in a whimsical animal print also injects a big dose of the unexpected!

2.  Re-invent traditional pieces with modern upholstery.  The wingback accent chair has traditional lines, but when upholstered in a modern ikat fabric, it gets a fresh updated look.

3.  Select a contrasting style for an accent piece(s).  The acrylic nesting end tables scream modern.  If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can opt for lucite tables!  Selecting an accent piece like this is unexpected, especially when juxtaposed against the traditional chesterfield.  I particularly love using these acrylic tables in this design because it is visually less imposing and balances the "heaviness" of the sofa.
4.  Use black and white photography as art.  This is an effective way to bring in a contemporary/modern look.  The contrast in styles is bold and unexpected, yet typically blends well together.

5.  Bring on the fun colors.  In this design, I used pillows to bring in pops of bold color.  Unlike the furnishings, I went bold with the accessories as a deliberate way to bring fresh contrast to the neutral foundation of the room.  I love the combination of teal, fuschia, and green, so naturally, this room got a dose of those colors!  These colors are also playful and on trend.  The saturated blue hue of the area rug also gives it a more "new traditional" feel.

Interested in a room design?  Please feel free to contact me for a quote.  I am currently accepting new clients starting mid/late April.

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Design Trend: Fuschia

We all know turquoise/teal is a "hot" color in the fashion and interior design world right now.  But you know what else is coming on strong?!

dining nook eat in banquette

The jewel-toned fuschia is Ms. Popular right now!  I think the deeper saturated pink hue is a good balance of feminine and bold, rather than just being the dainty and delicate that we typically associate with pink.

decorating with fuschia
London Bay Homes

decorating with fuschia

decorating with fuschia

decorating with fuschia

My favorite ways to inject fuschia into a space are through accent upholstered pieces, window treatments, and accessories!  It looks great when paired with contrasting colors, such as blue or yellow, as well as "neutrals", like black or white.  Are you a fan?!

Floating Shelves

I'm a big fan of floating shelves.  They serve both form and function, and don't take up a lot of visual weight.  They are perfect for storage, display, or a combination of both.  Here are a few ways that floating shelves can be used.

As an entry ledge...

floating shelves entryway

To display art, accessories...

floating shelves

...or collections.

floating shelves

Use floating shelves for both storage & display, including a library...

floating shelves

...a space-saving office...

floating shelves

...or a bar.

floating shelves

Floating shelves make handy kitchen storage...

floating shelves

...bathroom storage...

floating shelves

..and media storage.

floating shelves

In my home, I used floating shelves as a way to display and rotate my kids' artwork, books, and photos...

floating shelves

Floating shelves can also be customized and arranged in asymmetrical or symmetrical ways.  There are so many possibilities!

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Traditional Home with Mid-Century Modern Flair {Home Staging Project}

A couple weeks ago, I shared a preview of a home staging project that I worked on.  This project was unique and challenging at the same time.  The homeowners had actually enlisted my help to pull a bedroom together, but it quickly turned into a full staging project when they bought another house along the way.

CAD INTERIORS home staging project_mid century modern traditional

Aside from the quick timeline, the biggest challenge I faced was having limited accessories, decor, textiles, and linens/bedding with which to work.  I worked with whatever the homeowners already owned, "shopping" their home exclusively.  Nothing new was purchased to stage the house, with the exception of some fresh flowers that I brought in for the MLS photo shoot.  I also used a few accessories from my personal stash to style certain rooms for the shoot.  There was a lot of de-cluttering, shuffling, and re-imagining done.

The home is a one-story traditional, but most of the interior was updated with a mid-century modern aesthetic.  For this project, the staging was kept very streamlined, uncluttered, and minimal - much like mid-century design.  I did not want to detract from the home's inherent architectural features.  Enjoy the tour!

CAD INTERIORS home staging project_mid century modern design

CAD INTERIORS home staging project_mid century modern ranch

CAD INTERIORS home staging project

CAD INTERIORS staging project_modern kitchen design

CAD INTERIORS home staging project_backless counter stools

CAD INTERIORS home staging project

CAD INTERIORS home staging_family room design

CAD INTERIORS home staging project

CAD INTERIORS home staging project_modern bedroom design

CAD INTERIORS home staging project_modern bathroom design

CAD INTERIORS home staging project_modern bathroom design

{All images from the MLS photo shoot as provided by the client}

Home staging is really about showcasing a home's positive attributes and minimizing the less ideal.  It is also about helping buyers envision themselves in the home by giving each room a purpose.  Keeping things clean and streamlined can attract a wider audience.

For more low-cost tips on getting your home ready to sell, click here.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Free Goodies & Boys' Room Progress Peek

I'm popping in quickly today to share some new free goodies that I added to my boys' bedroom - courtesy of my sister!  She was about to donate some stuff, but I grabbed a hold of these gems when I spotted them in the pile.  Talk about being at the right place at the right time. :)

teal aquamarine blue yellow stripes polka dots boys bedroom

Can you guess what I stole took?!

kids boys bedroom design
If you guessed the wood-framed mirror and teal gourd lamp (with drum shade), then you know me well!  The lamp and mirror just needed some cleaning, and now they are as good as new.  I'm planning to do a gallery-type installation on this wall, so I just leaned the mirror against the wall for now.  It's actually quite heavy.  I love how my son's painting fits right into the color scheme of the room.  Another freebie!

I can attest to the saying that "someone's trash is another person's treasure" - on both the giving and receiving end.  This lamp and mirror were in great condition, unlike the many "trashy" items I've donated over the years.  Imagine our demolition junk pile stuff...

Make sure you follow me on Instagram, where I share more frequent updates of this room and our home renovation progress!

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