Getting Things Knocked Out {ORC Week Four}

Spring 2017 ORC bedroom design interior decorating home improvement

I'm starting to see a glimpse of light at the end of this One Room Challenge!  For any new readers out there, the ORC is a bi-annual event where designers and design bloggers make over a room within a six-week timeframe.  Definitely not an easy task under the time constraint, especially when you suffer from indecisiveness that's me!  This is week four of the #oneroomchallenge, so that means there are only a couple more weeks until the room reveal.  Just feeling a little stress and panic to get to the finish line... 😅

My objective this past week was to finalize the furniture, textiles, and lighting for my room makeover - a small, under-utilized bedroom that is being turned into a triple purpose bedroom-study-lounge!  I knocked out MOST of the objectives for the week... yay!


One of my biggest concerns was finding a ceiling light fixture.  I wanted a semi-flush mount with a brass finish, similar to the fixture on the mood board.

CAD INTERIORS bedroom makeover one room challenge interior design decorating home improvement black brass gold dark walls design board

However, since I just couldn't bring myself to pay $$$ for the actual inspiration piece - not for a non-master bedroom at least - I spec'd more budget-friendly alternatives.

CAD Interiors bedroom makeover one room challenge semi-flush mount ceiling light fixture home improvement interior design decorating

I landed on a semi-flush mount light with a beautiful finish of aged bronze and brass.  The style wasn't initially what I had in mind, but I do like its transitional shape.  The "open cage" design also means I don't have to worry about cleaning it too often!


Our large brass-framed mirror is serving as the "anchor" piece of the gallery wall.  I've been able to find some great vintage options although the finishes weren't necessarily quite right.  A little gold spray paint helped fix that "issue" right up!  I'm hoping everything looks okay once all the mirrors are hung.


Here's a peek at some of the soft goods rolling in for the room...

CAD Interiors bedroom makeover one room challenge interior design decorating home improvement bedding boho bohemian black white green accessories decor

The checklist is coming along slowly but surely:

  • Paint entire room ✔
  • Closet door DIY treatment - original plan modified
  • Replace ceiling fan with light fixture - ✔
  • Run any necessary electrical for electronic components & study nook
  • Task/accent lighting - in process
  • Area rug ✔
  • Bedroom/lounge furniture - ✔
  • Textiles for lounge area - pillows, blankets ✔
  • Small desk & chair for study nook - in process
  • Accent furniture - side table, pouf - in process
  • Gallery wall - mirrors, possibly art - ✔
  • Console table for media wall ✔
  • Mount television

Thank you to Linda at Calling It Home for hosting this event, and to House Beautiful for coming on board as the media partner.  Get more #oneroomchallenge previews over on Instagram: @cadinteriors @oneroomchallenge @housebeautiful


Halfway There {ORC Week Three}

CAD Interiors Bedroom Study Lounge room makeover interior design home improvement

It's week three of the One Room Challenge, which means we have reached the halfway point of the ORC hosted by Calling It Home!  If you missed the first two weeks of our "Small But Mighty Bedroom-Study-Lounge" makeover, you can get caught up via the following links:

Last week, I shared the design direction for our bedroom makeover...

one room challenge room makeover mood board interior design plan black walls home improvement diy

...and this week, I'm sharing a peek at some of the goodies that will likely make it into the room! 😅

CAD Interiors bedroom study lounge room makeover decorative accessories gallery wall home decor interior design one room challenge interior design home improvement diy

This past week was mostly spent hunting down mirrors for the gallery wall.  I found two good vintage options to go along with a couple mirrors that I already had.  The hunt continues for more mirrors!

The rug decision was also made finally.  So, there's no more waffling since the order is already on its way!  Finalizing the furniture, lighting, and textiles are on tap for this week...

Here is where I'm at with this makeover:

  • Paint entire room ✔
  • Closet door DIY treatment - in process
  • Replace ceiling fan with light fixture - this weekend?!
  • Run any necessary electrical for electronic components & study nook
  • Task/accent lighting - in process
  • Area rug ✔
  • Bedroom/lounge furniture - in process
  • Textiles for lounge area - pillows, blankets
  • Small desk & chair for study nook - in process
  • Accent furniture - side table, pouf
  • Gallery wall - mirrors, possibly art - in process
  • Console table for media wall - may use existing
  • Mount television


Designing the Bedroom-Study-Lounge {ORC Week Two}

CAD Interiors bedroom study lounge makeover interior design home improvement one room challenge

Welcome to my week two update for the One Room Challenge!  My family and I were on our annual spring break getaway when the ORC kicked off, so I am playing some catch up on my room makeover.  I did make progress over the last couple days on the biggest change happening in the room...

CAD Interiors bedroom study lounge makeover interior design one room challenge

...the WALL COLOR!

Unlike the light and airy vibe throughout most of our home, I'm venturing into the dark and moodier side in this space.  The room is small (~10 ft x11.5 ft), so going dark was a bit of a design risk - but something I knew the room could handle.  I LOVE how cozy the room feels being completely enveloped in a dark hue!  It actually feels "larger" too because dark walls can have a "receding" effect.

dark charcoal black paint behr home depot

I painted the (other) walls in the same dark charcoal-ish color that I used to paint the accent wall two years ago.  While my hubby questioned me painting the entire room in a dark shade, he trusted the design process.  It's only paint, right?! 😜  DESIGN TIP: Since paint tends to dry darker, using a shade slightly lighter than a true black can help alleviate the "cold starkness" common to black in room settings.


One Room Challenge bedroom makeover interior design home improvement

Since I am still sourcing most items for the room - including all the lighting, textiles, furniture, and accent pieces - I thought I'd share the general design direction for our "Small But Mighty Bedroom-Study-Lounge" in a mood board format.  I envision a cozy and inviting room with slight casual sophistication (via brass elements and mirrors), modern-meets-old world (via patterns and eclectic decor), and layered warmth (via natural textures and textiles).

P.S. I am also scheming up a DIY treatment for the closet doors that I hope turns out okay. 😉

Here's the "to do" list for this makeover:

  • Paint entire room ✔
  • Closet door DIY treatment
  • Replace ceiling fan with light fixture
  • Run any necessary electrical for electronic components & study nook
  • Task/accent lighting
  • Area rug
  • Bedroom/lounge furniture
  • Textiles for lounge area - pillows, blankets
  • Small desk & chair for study nook
  • Accent furniture - side table, pouf
  • Gallery wall - mirrors, possibly art
  • Console table for media wall
  • Mount television

I'm planning to pull the trigger on some items this week, so stay tuned!


Small But Mighty Bedroom-Study-Lounge {One Room Challenge Week One}

Ready or NOT, I'm jumping in!  With a little friendly motivation from Linda and some blogging friends, I decided a few days ago to join the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge!

I'm linking up every week to share the makeover progress of a room that I will be sprucing up over the next six weeks.  SO, let the fun begin! 😅

Owning a fixer upper means we have lots of spaces that need TLC.  While we have plenty of rooms that still need attention, the renovations that are in the pipeline limited which room I could actually tackle.  I finally settled on an under-utilized bedroom that will hopefully be unaffected by the impending construction.

CAD INTERIORS bedroom study lounge room makeover home improvement interior design One Room Challenge

Here are a few photos of the room in its present unedited state...

CAD Interiors Bedroom Study Lounge Makeover interior design home improvement

CAD Interiors Bedroom Study Lounge Makeover interior design home improvement

CAD Interiors Bedroom Study Lounge Makeover interior design home improvement

CAD Interiors Bedroom Study Lounge Makeover interior design home improvement

CAD Interiors Bedroom Study Lounge Makeover interior design home improvement

It is on the cozy side, aka small - in line with what you'd expect in a 1955 traditional ranch home.  The room is barely 10ft x 11.5ft in size.  There are area rugs the size of this room! 😜

Right now, it is an uninspiring dumping ground for paperwork and odds and ends.  It also happens to be where my middle schooler does his homework.  We really have no bedroom space to spare, so I'd like to maximize how the space is used.

CAD Interiors Bedroom Study Lounge Makeover interior design home improvement

On the positive side, we did give the room a few updates when we first moved in.  Namely, we replaced the windows, added shutters, scraped off the popcorn ceiling, and made cosmetic changes (new carpet, paint, baseboards).

To be honest, this room has given me major design paralysis.  I literally stopped updating it after I painted the dark accent wall...two years ago!  I couldn't decide how it should function.  So rather than designating a specific function, I plan to transform this small room into a triple purpose BEDROOM-STUDY-LOUNGE!

Here's where the room actually started when we closed escrow in 2013:

CAD Interiors Bedroom Study Lounge Makeover interior design home improvement

It came complete with green shaggy carpet and original drafty windows that did not open/close very well.

Stop by next week to see the design plan!  In the meantime, I pinned some conceptual ideas that show the general direction I'm headed towards...

Follow along every week for the real-time transformation of this small bedroom that I intend to make MIGHTY!  I'll be sharing snippets of my design progress over on Instagram too, in case you want some sneak peeks.

CAD Interiors Bedroom Study Lounge Makeover interior design home improvement

If you're new here, or feel like going down memory lane with me, the links below will take you to the two rooms in our home that we transformed thanks to the One Room Challenge.  Of course, both have since evolved! 😂

Head on over to Calling It Home to support all the participants, including the twenty featured designers, who are joining this bi-annual design blogger event!

Exterior Spaces Inspiration

Spring-like weather seems to have arrived in California (yay, except for the allergies!).  Sunny skies and beautifully mild temps are hopefully here to stay after experiencing so much rain and snow in recent months.  I'm not complaining (sorry east coast friends), but just acknowledging the fact that we Californians are not very accustomed to "weather". 😏

With spring in the air, and the impending summer months around the corner, there's no better time to share some exterior space concepts that have me inspired!

modern minimal black french doors stone patio design
Scandinavian Collectors

So much depth and texture packed in this minimal patio design.  Love the black-framed doors, stone courtyard floors, and wooden-container-potted green plants!

exterior living room design movie theater

How cool would it be to have an outdoor movie theater?  I found this DIY tutorial if you're interested in building one.

modern exterior space living room design

Built-in bench seating around the fire pit - the perfect setting to enjoy a beautiful evening outdoors!  I love the modern details of this outdoor patio design that doesn't require a lot of space.

minimal scandinavian outdoor design vignettes
original source unknown

This outdoor layout spoke to me since we have a (fig) tree located dab smack in the middle of a section in our backyard.  I love how this space was designed around a tree, while having designated vignettes serve different functions!

boho eclectic exterior dining space

Who needs chairs?!  Love this modern bohemian take on an outdoor dining area that can fit plenty of people around the table - as long as you don't mind taking a seat on the textile-covered grass!  Comfy pillows/cushions layered on rugs or blankets are the perfect (inexpensive) stand-in for actual chairs.

Here's to enjoying great outdoor living in hopefully beautiful spring and summer weather no matter where you live!


One can never be truly prepared for the road bumps that may unfold along life's path, especially when the unexpected happens.  We recently lost a dear loved one a couple weeks ago; hence, the unintended blogging hiatus as of late...

encouragement motivation grief comfort sayings

In light of recent events, the makeover (with a $100 budget!) I had planned for this month will be pushed to another time.  However, please join me in supporting the other participants who jumped in on the room makeover challenge hosted by Erin!

budget design makeover
Click here, then scroll to the bottom of post for a complete list of linking participants.

I'll be back soon with some design chat...

Design Trend: Pink Sofas?!

interior design decorating trend inspiration blush pink furniture home decor accents

I have noticed a rather feminine trend in interior design that I believe takes some real design confidence to incorporate into a sofas!  Yes, pink.  While I have seen more saturated pink tones on sofas, it is the blush hue that has been more dominant as of late.  Either way, pink sofas seem to be trending in interior spaces.  Who would have thought?!

graphic geometric wallpaper blush pink rattan wicker home decor furniture accents interior design trend inspiration modern scandinavian

transitional living room interior design trend inspiration brass gold cream white home accents furniture decor pink sofa

interior design trend inspiration blush pink home decor accents furniture

Even country stars have pink sofas...

interior design trend inspiration home decor accents furniture bohemian eclectic modern

While blush sofas may look "good" in certain settings, my preference would be to incorporate the color in the accessories.  I don't see a pink (blush or otherwise) sofa in my future.  What about you?  Is a pink sofa calling your name?!  If so, here are some pretty options... 😉

retail shopping blush pink furniture
one // two // three

Entryway Essentials

Have you ever driven by a house and based your overall impression of the home by how it appears on the exterior? Me too.  It's a known real estate fact that a home's first impression is decidedly based on its curb appeal.

dutch door front entrance wainscoting board and batten walls trimwork blue and white decor turkish persian oushak kilim area rug runner

However, once a person steps foot inside a house, you have the chance to immediately set the tone for what your home is truly about.  And it all begins in the entryway!

No matter how large or small your entryway, it should make a positive and welcoming impression.  Aside from looking nice, there are a few "practical essentials" that should be incorporated into any entryway (space permitting):

blue black gold brass home decorative accessories decor accents modern transitional eclectic interior design
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

1 - CHEST or any hard surface, like a console table or wall-mounted shelf, provides a "drop zone" for mail, keys, etc.
2 - LIGHTING  A combination of overhead lighting and table lamps (or a floor lamp) will help illuminate the designated entry area.
3 - MIRROR Mirrors bounce light and can help open up a space.  It is also a convenient way to do an "appearance check" for people coming or going.
4 - HOOKS or a standing coat rack can come in handy to hang coats, bags, etc., especially if there is no coat closet nearby.
5 - RUG will help trap as much dirt as possible while adding texture and dimension to the area.  Natural fiber rugs or indoor/outdoor rugs are a great option for entry rugs.
6 - STOOL or something to sit on, like a bench or chair, is helpful when putting on or removing shoes.
7 - ACCESSORIES  A decorative bowl is great for storing keys or loose change; a real or faux plant or floral arrangement is a welcoming decorative touch that adds a "green" element.
8 - STORAGE BASKET is a great way to store shoes.  It could also be used to hide toys or any random items when you need to do a quick "pick-up" before guests arrive.

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Around the Web

best flower and plant varieties for container gardens

Container gardening ideas to bookmark now.  Spring will be here before you know it.

Glad that HGTV host, Scott McGillivray, agrees about the upside.  My tip before you buy a fixer upper would be to enlist the help of your realtor to do a comparable post-valuation on the property based on the renovations you intend to do.

interior design remodel home improvement modern mid-century scandinavian decor

LOVE this kitchen, as well as the rest of their new-old home.

living room interior design inspiration Spanish Mediterranean architecture
via MLS

Our previous home had a Spanish-Mediterranean style, complete with so many inherent architectural details.  One of the main things that I loved about that home was the coffered ceiling.  I hope to add similar architectural dimension in our current living room.

In non-design news, my hubby and I are hooked on this show.  We were curious what the hype was all about, so we Netflix'd the premiere and found ourselves binge-watching the first season.  We are now caught up to the latest episode.  Are you a fan?! 😆

Design Trend: Green Kitchen Cabinetry

Living through a full-blown kitchen renovation is not exactly something I'd want to go through again, but the end result was worth it.

CAD INTERIORS kitchen renovation remodel home improvement modern classic transitional white black kitchen

Before and after photos of our kitchen can be found here.  Follow me on Instagram for evolving photos of our home.

Although I was tempted to incorporate "trendier" components into our kitchen design, I am glad I went with my gut to stick to a more classic scheme - especially when it came to the cabinetry color.  Did I play it safe?  Probably.  But will our kitchen stand the test of time?  Definitely.  A classic kitchen that suits our design sensibilities and home's style, PLUS one that transcends time and various design tastes (good for resale value!), were major goals for our new kitchen.

However, while white kitchens (or white/espresso-black in our case) are seemingly timeless, colored kitchen cabinets don't seem to be going away either.  Gray or navy kitchens anyone?  While gray and blue kitchens are still trending, another color is also making its way to the forefront of kitchen design:  GREEN.

Did you know that green is one of my favorite colors?!  Frankly, I love kitchens with green-toned cabinets that have a gray undertone...

kitchen interior design

kitchen interior design
J. Randall Powers

modern traditional transitional kitchen

Kitchens are quite the investment.  So, if you are one that does NOT intend to update your home often, or is more traditional at heart, a completely "green" kitchen may not be for you.  However, if you are drawn to the green kitchen trend, I'd suggest incorporating the color in smaller doses - like on the island or lower cabinets - AND using greens with a neutral undertone like gray.

modern english country kitchen

What do you think of this design trend?  Are you a fan of green-colored kitchen cabinets?

What's In Store for 2017 {Part Four: Conversion/Reconfiguration}

Over the past few weeks, I have been sharing home improvement projects that we have planned for the year.  The following links will enable you to catch up on them in case you missed any!

The "main" project we have on our plate this year is one that will be quite an undertaking...

home improvement remodel construction

We are planning to convert a 400 square foot unfinished structure into usable space, PLUS reconfigure the adjacent existing master bedroom/bathroom area!  The ultimate goal is to re-work the combined areas to create a master ensuite AND two separate bedrooms for each of our children.

The following MLS photo shows part of our home's exterior elevation from the backyard.  It will give you an idea of the location of the unfinished structure relative to the rest of the house.

home renovation improvement remodel

The window/door that you see on the far left is part of the unfinished "shed".  The higher window to the right of the door is part of the existing master bedroom.  While the two spaces are structurally adjoining, they are not currently accessible to each other from the inside of the house.  The structure to the right of the patio courtyard leads to the family room (and rest of the great room).  The living room/front entry is located in between the two structures.

This renovation project will ultimately take our home from a three to four bedroom house (there is another bedroom by the guest bathroom).  I am really excited yet nervous to knock out this project because it will hopefully complete the main construction portion of our home renovation!

Feel free to follow along as I gather bedroom and bathroom inspiration.

Around the Web: Room Makeover Edition

interior design features inspiration home decor room reveals

This year kicked off with several room makeovers happening around the web.  Here are just a few of the newly refreshed spaces...

bohemian modern bedroom interior design home decor blue white texture

New paint and textiles gave this bedroom makeover the "boho chic" vibe that reflects Erica's design style better.  Love the soothing colors and various textures in the room!

bohemian contemporary color interior design home decor accents

Stephanie gave her living room a makeover that satisfies both her "colorful global eclectic" design sensibilities AND her husband's contemporary, modern style.  The result is so fresh!

black modern transitional interior design home decor

Black is the signature color in most spaces that Jess designs, so it is no surprise that she gave her foyer and sitting room a grand dose of black!  The wallpaper she used in her foyer is quite eye-catching too.  It's been a joy to see Jess personalize and transform every space in her new home thus far.


1. A glimpse at the transformed kitchen wall.  I have yet to style the shelves since taking down the holiday decor, so bear with me a little longer for the full reveal.

2. The power of paint gave this bathroom vanity a new lease on life.

personalized wall art home decor interior design accent pieces accessories

3. Free salvaged barn wood turned personalized art was one of my favorite parts in this less than $100 room makeover!

4. Last but never least, one of my favorite DIY home improvement couples did it again with their recently refreshed studio makeover.

Don't these makeovers inspire you to freshen up a space in your home?!