Tried and True Decorating Favorites

The re-decorating "itch" often strikes around here.  Rather than constantly buying pretty new things, I first try to shuffle things around to freshen up a room.  And each time I re-arrange, there are two common decorative elements that I tend to rely on when "accessorizing".  They work well with any design aesthetic, so I thought I'd share...


lidded basket texture decorative accessories home decorating interior design tips

Decorative accent pieces that are made of natural woven materials are something that I am especially drawn to.   Baskets, trays, bowls, stools, you name it... if it's woven, I'll incorporate it into a space.  Natural woven accessories add warmth and texture, which works with any design style.  They can also be a "neutralizing" element in highly eclectic, color-rich rooms.

Useful Tip:  From time to time, run the vacuum hose attachment to "clean" your woven accessories.  This helps prevent any microscopic dust particles from collecting!

home decorating interior design tips decorative accessories decor texture


I may not have a green thumb at all, but indoor plants are an absolute must in our home!  They literally add life to any space.  They are also great for indoor air quality.  Since I don't have a super successful track record with plants, I try to stick with varieties that require minimal care (like snake plants).

green indoor plants home decor decorating interior design tips

Design Tip:  Get unique with the type of plants you use indoors.  For instance, when prepping for our kitchen reveal, I used edible plants (i.e. various herbs) as "accessories".  It was pretty and practical.  Aloe or succulents are also good options, especially if you are plant-challenged in the maintenance department like myself!

Do you have any "go to" accessories that you like to use when decorating?!

Around the Web

Hello Friday!  We have another busy weekend ahead filled with our boys' activities.  Raising kids who are engaged in sports and other extracurricular activities simultaneously keeps us on our schedule-juggling toes.  All the insane driving around, dominating tournament schedules, and overlapping practices/games are worth the balancing act when you see how much joy each has in doing what they do!  I know some of you parents out there can relate.

Some inspiration around the web this week...

scandinavian danish modern minimal interior design inspiration

neutral mid century modern danish scandinavian modern minimal interior design inspiration

The living space above exudes a casual, easy going, modern "California style" that draws me in!  The space is airy, streamlined, minimal, yet seemingly cozy.  Despite a predominantly neutral color scheme, the room doesn't fall flat because it is layered with different textures.

glass table traditional transitional interior design inspiration
Traditional Home

This article was an interesting read if you happen to be table shopping.  It may make you think twice about buying a glass table for unexpected reasons!

modern fireplace interior design inspiration stone

Part of our living room remodel includes a fireplace makeover.  I've been gathering design inspiration to help me decide on how to re-clad the fireplace...which will relate to the general design direction of the room.

Have a great weekend!  Connect with me over on Instagram and Facebook for design inspiration and tips that may NOT always hit the blog!

Modern Traditional Living Room Design Board (with Sources)

My "2016 colors of the year" were the inspiration behind my latest design board.  This mood board shows how a space can be effectively designed when combining contrasting interior styles (modern and traditional) and unexpected color combinations.

transitional e-design online interior design mood board


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Feel free to contact me if you are interested in an online design plan customized to your room specifications!  Click here for e-design package information.

What's In Store for 2017 {Part Three: "Interior Access"}

It has been raining a whole lot in California lately!  Although the rain is welcome as it has been helpful towards reversing our drought, we Californians are conditioned to sunny skies.  In light of our recent weather, the next home renovation goal has become even more meaningful...

Becki Owens modern farmhouse mudroom entry interior design
Becki Owens

One of the things that our home does NOT currently have is direct covered access from the garage into the house.  It's more of an inconvenience than anything else, but something we hope to address.  Right now, we enter the house either through a back sliding door (which likely won't exist after the renovation) or the front door.

My husband and I have spoken to potential builders over how to best gain garage-to-house interior access.  Most of the ideas revolved around doing some sort of addition, but I would prefer to work within the existing square footage.  After some brainstorming, I told my hubby... How about creating a doorway from the garage into what is currently the boys' shared bedroom?!  Anything is possible, but is it practically feasible?

You see, the garage and boys' bedroom share a common wall.  BUT since city codes restrict garage access into a bedroom, it would mean that the room could no longer be considered a bedroom under this option.  We would technically have to convert the boys' existing bedroom into a non-bedroom... like a mudroom!

Caitlin Wilson mudroom interior design
Caitlin Wilson Design
scandinavian mid-century mcm black mudroom entry interior design
source unknown

So where do we put the kids' bedroom?!  Well, upon the renovation of the shed and current master bedroom, we could reconfigure the combined space to create separate bedrooms for each child PLUS install a master ensuite.  While this option would not require building a new addition, it remains to be seen what would be structurally required to execute this floor plan.  At the end of the day, however, it should add resale value since it would take our home from three to four bedrooms.  I'll share all the before photos and a design once we nail down a plan!

Catch up on more of our home renovation plans for the year:

Around the Web

Three things around the web that have caught my eye lately...

vintage transitional traditional interior design black white pattern

I love the color pallet and mix of vintage and new in this bedroom design.  We are still working on the design layout for the shed conversion and side/back half of our house, which may affect our bedroom situation.  However, I am filing this inspirational photo away just in case my boys continue to share a room down the road!

hgtv fixer upper exterior design white black house curb appeal

The transformation of this fixer upper was amazing!  It's similar to what I have in mind for our front elevation.  The landscaping is so pretty too.  The home has such charming curb appeal!

lemon rosemary mason jar home remedies

I love to light scented candles, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.  However, I have been wanting to make my own home scent.  This easy concotion of lemon and rosemary is something that I can easily try!  Check out more natural ways to make your home smell amazing.

Have a great weekend everyone.  See you back here next week!

What's In Store for 2017 {Part Two: The Living Room}

With the exception of a brief couple months in which the family room was under renovation, our living room has sat empty since we moved in three years ago.  The truth is, we have intentionally left the room alone until we completed the renovations planned in here.  Since we have a separate family room, it hasn't been a high priority to finish (or furnish) the living room.

modern contemporary casual interior wall trim molding paneling

It's finally time to tackle the space!  I'd like to give the "bones" of the room some architectural depth and dimension by adding millwork.

wall trim architectural millwork interior design paneling

modern contemporary living room architectural wall paneling tray ceiling molding interior design

zebra rug asian modern interior design decor wall trim

The actual "style" of millwork has yet to-be-determined, but I'm drawn to certain aspects in each of the inspirational photos above.

Along with the millwork, the fireplace area will finally get a makeover.  We had "stripped" it down during the initial phase of renovations.  The existing 10-foot wide sliding doors will also be replaced with a new energy-efficient option.  The passageway between the living room and dining room will also get case molding.  Here's a peek into our empty living room from a few months back.  I'll share all the "befores" as the project gets underway.

Catch up on What's In Store for 2017 {Part One} in case you missed it!

3 Simple (& Non-Committal) Decorative Wall Solutions with Big Impact

Tired of staring at blank walls, but your indecisiveness is "paralyzing" you from hanging anything specific on those said walls?!  You're not alone.

temporary non-permanent affordable removable simple wall hangings solutions art ideas

Here are three ways that you can add big impact to your walls without having to "commit" to anything permanent.  These solutions are perfect for renters, or for those of us finicky types who like to periodically change things up!


Hang a patterned or colorful quilt, blanket, or fabric, to create an instant wall hanging.

Some simple solutions to hang fabric/textiles include a wooden dowel hanger...

temporary decorative wall solutions ideas design tips

...or drape it on a curtain rod...

temporary decorative wall solutions ideas design tips

...or build a "frame" and mount the textile to it, like we did below!

diy temporary removable affordable simple wall decor art temporary decorative wall solutions ideas design tips


Treat washi tape like removable decals!  Unleash your creativity and create a geometric or abstract design on the wall using washi tape.

temporary decorative wall solutions ideas design tips

If you'd rather, take a canvas (or foam or paper) board and create a washi tape design on that...

temporary decorative wall solutions ideas design tips

Another way to use washi tape is to "hang" your photographs or artwork with it.  Don't bother with picture frames.  You'll achieve a more casual and fluid look that can evolve over time.  The best part about using washi tape is that your walls will go virtually unscathed!


I am personally on team wallpaper, with the caveat that it must be temporary!  That is merely because I like to experiment in my own home, which means I often change things up.  The only permanent wallpaper that I would perhaps make an exception for is grasscloth.  The texture is timeless.

removable repositionable peel and stick black and white wallpaper walls need love diy home improvement focal wall design tips

Repositionable, peel-and-stick (aka removable) wallpaper is a great solution to dress up your walls or other surfaces.  Bolder patterns, like the one we used in our dining room makeover, are perfect for focal walls.  They are able to stand alone with nothing else layered on top!  If you don't want to paper an entire wall, decals are a great option!

Hope you've been inspired to finally tackle those blank walls!

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What's In Store for 2017 {Part One}

New year, fresh start... except not really when it comes to our home renovation.  It's more like a seemingly never-ending process that overlaps from one year to the next.  Yet slow and steady progress is better than no progress, right?!

CAD INTERIORS home renovation goals
original source unknown

So, what's on the horizon in terms of our home renovation plans for 2017?  A LOT.  With the help of a builder, we hope to cover a lot of ground on major updates and hard-core construction necessary to "finish" the house.  I'll be sharing about each "plan", in no particular order, in a series of posts.  First up...

We have five (5!) sets of single-paned sliding doors that need to be replaced.  The existing sliders provide zero insulation, so they will be changed out with an energy-efficient option.  This is a costly endeavor, but a necessary one.

CAD INTERIORS home renovation goals

I quickly snapped the photo above to give you an idea of the configuration of the sliding doors.  They encircle our courtyard patio, providing us with access to the backyard from the kitchen, dining room, family room, living room, and master bedroom!  I love all the natural light we get as a result.  Here's the view perspective from the kitchen.

CAD INTERIORS home renovation goals sliding doors

Another angle above...  Don't you love the dead grass and non-existent landscaping?!  The indoor/outdoor flow offers a great entertaining layout.  It also makes it easy to keep an eye on the kids when they're out there.  For reference: The master bedroom is on the right side of this photo, the great room to the left, and the living room is located at the angle I snapped the photo from.

Rather than installing five new sets of sliding (or french) doors, we may possibly go down to three.  Here's how:

1.  "Wall up" the sliding door in the master bedroom, since there's already a window in the room.  Per code, you need just two room exit points, i.e. door and window.  Stay tuned for the bedroom plans.

2.  Combine the two sets of sliding doors in the family room into one.  This would require some reframing.  Here's a photo of the sliders in the family room during the renovation...

CAD INTERIORS home renovation goals

As you can see, the sliders pretty much take up an entire wall.  We'll likely expand the actual wall space a couple feet and have one large opening for the new door option.  While it would be nice to have a wall of collapsible accordion doors, it's not in the budget.

CAD INTERIORS home renovation goals
original source unknown

CAD INTERIORS home renovation goals
via HGTV

I'm not exactly sure what we'll end up with, but I'm definitely leaning towards something black-trimmed, as seen in the inspirational photos above!  Okay, stay tuned for the next home goal for the year...

2016 Highlights

Happy, happy new year everyone!  My family and I have settled back into a routine after enjoying a wonderful winter break together.  We managed to sneak away for a few days right after Christmas before returning home to ring in the new year.  And I must say... 2017 started off with a huge bang when my alma mater won the most exciting bowl game ever! 😂🌹🌹✌✌

Before I share our plans for the year, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year.  When we set our 2016 home renovation goals, we knew it was extremely ambitious.  As the year progressed, it became clearer that we were at a crossroads with how to best approach everything.  Apart from our great room and two bathrooms, the rest of the house inside and out still has to be tackled!  We knew we'd be compromising any exterior improvements we had planned to do last year as soon as construction started on impending renovations.  So, we pumped the brakes on the 2016 goals, tackled other projects in the house, and started interviewing some firms to help us accomplish our hefty renovation goals (more on that soon!).  You can read about some of our upcoming plans here.

Here's a highlight of what transpired in 2016:


transitional modern farmhouse kitchen interior design white black kitchen

Our kitchen renovation wrapped up at the tail end of 2015 with the DIY installation of the backsplash.  I shared the before and after transformation in early 2016, which you can (re)visit here.  We have been enjoying the new kitchen for a year now, and it has been so, so wonderful!

home improvement remodel renovation kitchen interior design modern transitional farmhouse white black kitchen

The kitchen renovation was well-worth the months of inconvenience and construction dust!  It really transformed how we live in our home.  It was a blessing to share the space over on Shine Your Light, and have it featured by Hometalk.


dining room makeover interior design mcm mid century modern transitional eclectic farmhouse

We put some decorative and finishing touches on our dining room last spring, which included a focal wall and new brass ceiling light fixture.

wainscoting architectural trim removable wallpaper peel stick black white diy home improvement project

The feature wall, which was definitely the centerpiece of the dining room makeover, received so much positive attention.  The end result made all the wonky wall challenges we faced during the DIY wainscoting and wallpaper installation completely worth it.

It was a nice surprise to get a "shout out" from House Beautiful on the trim work.  Walls Need Love, the source for the beautiful, bold wallpaper, also featured the room on social media - twice!  It was also an honor to have the room makeover featured as a "favorite" here and here.

Christmas decor eclectic decorations interior design

During the recent holiday season, our dining area was my favorite room in the house.  The twinkle lights gave the room a warm, sparkly glow.  Apparently, Safavieh enjoyed the space too!


I am so grateful for the opportunities that come my way as a result of this blog.  That being said, the opportunities I actually accept need to "fit" the content of the blog or provide some benefit to YOU.  This past year, I was fortunate to work with two new-to-me businesses that I was happy to promote.

I curated a mix of antique furnishings and accessories for The HighBoy Company...

antiques vintage home goods furnishings interior design decor

...and put together a mood board to show you how some of my designer picks can work together within a space!  You can see the full post here.

interior design online e-design antiques vintage furniture home goods

I also tested a set of sheets from Perfect Linens, and provided an honest review...

customer blogger review

...while giving our master bedroom a summer bedding refresh in the process!

perfect linens sheets

By the way, Perfect Linens is offering my readers a 10% savings on their Toastmaster sheets until January 15, 2017.  Follow this link and use code Toasty10 to take advantage of the offer!


I have yet to reveal the "kitchen wall", but we added form and function to this once-empty area at the end of 2016.  Stay tuned to see it!


eclectic transitional traditional modern Christmas decorations home decor interior design

It was an honor to have our home included in the 2016 Winter Eclectic Holiday Home Tour.  Sharing our holiday-decked home with all of you was the best possible way to close out 2016 on the blog!

It's been a pleasure to share our home renovation journey, while receiving such constructive support and feedback along the way!  I'm also so grateful for the opportunities and "friendships" that have resulted from my little virtual corner of the web.  Thank you so much for following along.  Here's to a blessed new year!