It's Our "Anniversary"!!!

One year ago today, we closed escrow on our current home.  I can't believe it's been one year!  Moving here has really changed our lifestyle, especially for our two boys.  They are now able to play safely outside with the neighborhood kids.  We live on a private street with only 8 homes.  There is no thru-traffic and "strangers" would not go unnoticed.

I thought I'd get more personal on the blog today and give you some background about the journey to our home.  First, some history about our previous homes...

Our first home was a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhouse which I had prior to getting married.  It was the perfect first home since it was easy to maintain and located by the beach!  I also liked the tri-level floor plan and tall ceilings.

We lived there for several years before we purchased a larger 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home located just two miles away.  The townhome's tri-level floor plan just didn't cut it with a baby on the prowl.

Our second home was a two-story, Spanish-style house built by a custom developer.  The home was spacious and brand new.  There were so many custom details and "bells and whistles" throughout, but the "shared lot" situation was not ideal.  We shared the property lot (and driveway) with another house that sat directly behind us.

Our ideal neighborhood had always been just a few miles away from where we lived.  After seven years in our second home (and with a ~4 and 7 year old by that time), we decided to take the plunge and attempt to move to our target neighborhood.  We live in a expensive desirable area, so finding a home within our budget was not easy.

We unexpectedly sold our second home without having found our next home...  We did not anticipate receiving a full-price offer the evening we put the house on the market.  Rather than rush into a purchase, we decided to rent for 6 months and take our time to find the "right" house.  After all, we wanted it to be the "long term" home where we raised our family.  The process took 10 long months!  We encountered so much competition.  There was also limited inventory.   We were outbid on 3 other homes before our house came about.  It took patience and resilience, but I believe our current home was meant for us.

So here we are!  One would think that we purchased a "move in" ready home after coming from a new house.  However, we bought a fixer... in a great location!  If you look up "fixer" in the dictionary, you'd probably see a picture of our house. :)  The positive to buying a fixer is the equity upside once renovations are done.  The flip-side, however, is having to endure constant dust renovations...and waiting to tackle projects if you have budget limitations (like us).

Most homes in our established area aren't new unless they've been rebuilt.  Our home is a 1955 ranch style home, which is typical of the original neighborhood homes.  We live in a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home that comes with an attached studio (it's a storage space for now) and a backyard.  A backyard is a novelty for us since we used to live in a compact beach community!

This is what the common living areas looked like before we moved in:


Welcome to our dated fixer home!  In future posts, I will be talking about our renovation progress, and sharing some "after" photos.  Read about some of the renovation here.  Thanks for "visiting" with us!

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