The Boys' Bedroom Renovation

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating the moms in your lives!  Today, I'm sharing with you the renovation of our boys' bedroom.  You can click here for some background on our home.

Before we moved in, we "gutted" the bedrooms, including the boys' bedroom.  We scraped the popcorn ceilings, painted, laid new carpet, and installed new ceiling light fans.  I'm normally not a ceiling fan person (I prefer pretty light fixtures), but it was a practical choice since we don't have air conditioning.  Here are a few photos of the boys' bedroom during the early part of the renovation:


Oh goodness, it was a doozy!  The pictures above actually show the room in its "worst shape" since we were in the process of having the acoustic ceiling scraped.  Here are some post-renovation pics:


Much better, but still unfinished!  The walls are painted a soft gray, the ceilings are smooth, a new ceiling fan was installed, and the old worn carpet was replaced with new carpet.  We also replaced the two non-functioning, single-hung windows with one very large dual-paned window (which brought the window to code).

Unfortunately, the bulk head that you see must remain.  We tried to demo it during the renovation, only to find that it was a structural beam that connected with the front rafters of the house!  That beam is going nowhere.  Rather than fixating on it (anymore), it will somehow be incorporated into the room's design.  Stay tuned for the upcoming design board for the boys' bedroom!

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