Design Trend: Hexagons (x6)

It is June, folks!  I can't believe we are in the middle of 2014.  This year is flying by...  Since we are six months into the year, today's post is a nod to the six-sided hexagon!  It is everywhere!  Who would have thought that geometrical shapes such as the hexagon would have forged its way into the design world?!

Geometry + Interiors = Design Trend

Hexagons are a big trend in modern and contemporary interior design.  I personally love the shape.  It has a sleek and modern look because of all its straight lines.  It is also familiar, which is a nod to classic and timeless.  To me, its shape is a combination of rhombus and pentagon, which makes it kinda quirky too!

Sleek + Modern + Classic + Timeless + Quirky = My Design Style I

++ but I'm also ++

Tradi/transitional + Mid/21st-Century Modern + Quirky = My Design Style II

++ and ++

Coastal Chic-ish + Nantucket-y + Rustic Luxe + Quirky = My Design Style III

I guess you could say that I have eclectic taste, and often, my own design vocabulary! I digress... back to hexagons...

You see it on ceilings, furniture, walls, upholstery, flooring, lighting, fabric, textiles, accessories...

You see it in tile patterns, like in our guest bathroom...

Mosaic Carrara Marble Hex Tile

We unknowingly absorb and live design everyday.  It's all around us, all the time.  It's in what we see (ex. color), what we wear (ex. pattern), what we touch (ex. texture), what we feel (ex. dimension), what we hear (ex. repetition), etc.  And in this case, it can also be found in the math we learn at school! :)

Happy first Monday of June!

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