Upcycling a Basic Dresser

Ikea, it's the store that comes to mind when on the hunt for inexpensive furniture.  I tend to shop Ikea for "basic" storage units.  We've had this pine dresser from Ikea for over ten years.  I've never been a big fan of it, especially in its unfinished state, yet I don't seem to part with it.  It does its job, which is to hold my son's clothes.  I know Ikea has a reputation for being "cheap".  The fact that this dresser has stayed in tact for many years, despite being moved several times, goes to show that inexpensive doesn't necessarily mean "poor quality". :)

Now that I'm starting to tackle our boys' bedroom, I started brainstorming about ways that I can incorporate their existing furniture into the room.  It was the perfect time to finally give the old Ikea dresser some love.

Typical me, I forgot to take a "before" photo of the dresser.  However, here's a photo of a similar unfinished dresser:


Ikea Dresser

After a coat of Lowe's Valspar Royal Navy paint, and a couple coats of sealer, this is what the dresser looks like now:


It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to transform the look of something.  The dresser now looks more finished and substantial, don't you think?  You could also glam it up with some gold metallic on the legs or trim, but since it's for my boys' bedroom, I wanted to keep it simple.

The dresser cost less than $20 to transform.  It cost $15 for a gallon of paint (although a quart of paint will do the trick), and $4 for the sealer.  Not too shabby!  So, before you think about getting rid of something that functions perfectly fine but needs a little TLC, try the power of paint to completely change its look!

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