Renovation Update: Living Room & Entryway

It is often said that the home buying or moving process can cause great stress on a relationship.  Well, if you add renovating (or rebuilding) a house into the mix, and survive the "ordeal", it's safe to say your relationship will probably stand the test of time. :)  Just over a year ago, my husband and I purchased an older ranch-style home on a great lot and in a great neighborhood.  The only which is more than enough issue is that the house was in need of major updating!  The house has good bones and a decent layout.  With some creative vision, we are up to the task of making the house our home!

Before we initially moved into the house, we tackled some renovations.  If you're new to the blog, catch up here to read about the journey to our current home and to see some photos of the home's interior when we first bought it.  Don't be too scared!

Throughout the house, we scraped the acoustic ceilings, textured and painted, replaced all the windows, installed recessed lighting, removed paneling, installed drywall, enlarged or re-framed passageways, and installed new bedroom flooring and lighting.  We also demolished parts of the kitchen and "master bathroom", renovated the guest bathroom (see here and here) and bedrooms (here, here, and here).  A good chunk of the initial renovation budget also went towards the installation of new ducting and a brand new furnace and heating system.

Today, I will be sharing photos of the living room and entryway after the first renovation phase.  As you'll see, these rooms are still in process...



Living room renovation highlights:

  • Enlarged passageway between living room and dining room
  • Removed paneling/installed drywall
  • Removed fireplace surround
  • Removed old baseboards
  • Scraped acoustic ceiling
  • Installed recessed lights
  • Textured and painted

Entryway renovation highlights:

  • Removed "drop" ceiling and made it flush with the living room ceiling height
  • Demolished pony wall and installed new structural beam
  • Removed paneling around front door & installed drywall
  • Re-framed passageway between entry and hallway leading to the bedrooms
  • Removed old baseboards
  • Scraped acoustic ceiling
  • Installed recessed lights
  • Textured and painted

Phase 2 of the living room & entryway renovation is now in the planning phase and includes:

  • Install new wider-plank hardwood floors (the floors are in rough shape and have gaps from the demolition of the pony wall)
  • Complete fireplace makeover
  • Install new "slider"
  • Install baseboards
  • Install new trim & moldings
  • Install new front door
  • Install door for entry closet

Slowly but surely, we are updating our way through our home room by room.  Feel free to  leave your thoughts at any time.  Stay tuned as I continue to share our renovation journey with you all!

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