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I am often on the hunt for "high and low" furnishings when putting design boards together.  Today, I'd like to share with you more "budget-friendly" dining, coffee, and end tables that I've come across.

Dining Tables

When it comes to dining tables, I believe in investing in a solid, quality piece.  I feel the same about sofas, but that's another conversation.  The table is the "centerpiece" of any dining space.  You can more easily alter the look of your dining room by changing out the seating or decor, but the table is not typically something that is changed often.  Whether you use your dining table on a daily basis or not, it should be able to stand the test of time - from both a functional and style perspective.

Here are a few seemingly good buys based on aesthetics, construction, and quality:

Contemporary Walnut Oval Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table

Wood & Glass Dining Table

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables can be a fun place to do something different (same goes for end tables).  You don't need to stick with "traditional" coffee tables per se.  You can use ottomans, trunks, chests, or a grouping of smaller cubes/tables!

Here are a few coffee tables that have recently caught my eye:

Storage Rattan Coffee Table

2-drawer contemporary table with storage

Group 2 together to form a unique coffee table!

End Tables

Like coffee tables, have some fun with your choice of end tables.  See if a non-traditional item can be used as a side table.  Stools and stacked poufs are great alternatives to traditional end tables - plus they can double as extra seating when in a pinch.





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