Stepping it up out front...

You know how they say that curb appeal can help sell a home??  Well, our house would sit on the market for a very long time based on how our front exterior currently looks (not that we're selling).  A couple months after we moved in, we decided to tear up the landscaping in the front yard with the intent of redoing the hardscape and landscape.  Surprise, surprise... that got pushed down the priority totem pole after we finished the initial renovations (here, here, and here) .

Now here we are, a year later, with a front yard full of dirt and zero curb appeal.  I'm not exaggerating.  We have a small front yard, but it's a big eye sore.  Our super-understanding neighbors have dealt with the "ugly duckling" on the block for long enough.  It's time we step it up out front...  Our backyard is in need of major attention as well, but it's not visible unless you happen to be walking on the trail.  That project is further down the road...

Our home is a simple one-story traditional ranch.  We would love to turn the facade into a modern craftsman ranch one day.

Portico and black door
Stonework and landscaping
Drought-tolerant landscape
Mixed siding
{Above photos taken from Houzz}

Front exterior of our home:


We've had three estimates so far - all varying widely in cost.  We should go the contractor/landscape architect route (since we would like to alter the front profile of the house), but it's simply not realistic budget-wise at this point in time.  Instead, we decided to just replace all the worn brick with pavers, add stone to the exterior facade, and put in new landscaping.  The windows were all changed last year.

Driving up to a house with curb appeal is just as great as walking into a well-designed house - much like having beauty inside and out!  I cannot wait until the day that happens...

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