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After months and months of sitting on an uncomfortable wooden folding chair, I finally bought a proper desk chair.  Makes me happy... and comfortable!

A few weeks ago, I happened to be looking for a desk when I spotted this chair on clearance.  I just had to scoop it up since it was a deal at only $99!  I love the scale, detail, structure, color, and texture. It has a classic wingback design, but is updated with a fresh, contemporary color.  It is also very comfortable.  It's amazing what proper seating can do for your back, shoulders, neck, and tushy.  My productivity has also improved since I'm getting up far less now!


This chair is also versatile.  I can move it to our master bedroom, living room, or family room if/when I have the urge to rearrange furniture.  Since it's technically a dining chair, it would also make a great host chair in the dining room!

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