Design Trend: Edison Lights

Hmm?!  What exactly are "Edison Lights" and why are they considered a design trend?  Well, if you have seen these bulbs, then you are (un)knowingly familiar with Edison lights...


There has been a strong surge in lighting design that features these classic bulbs re-invented for the present day.  Such a "bright" idea!  Pun intended. :)

Restoration Hardware

Pottery Barn

Edison bulbs are named after their inventor, Thomas Alva Edison.  Their timeless shapes and exposed filaments are a nod to the first electric bulbs, yet re-invented for modern day.  I love them because they are architecturally interesting, and have a contemporary-vintage appeal.



The re-emergence of the Edison bulb likely ensued from the recent popularity of industrial design.  If you have exposed bulbs in your lighting fixtures, consider replacing them with Edison bulbs to give your fixtures a fresh update!

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