Feature Friday: Transitional Dining Room

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Happy Friday!  This week's featured space is this elegant transitional dining room.  I can imagine some great dinner parties and thoughtful conversations happening in here.  Some takeaway features in this room include:

  • There is double the beauty from two pretty chandeliers!
  • "Settees" were used for host chairs.  The different style of chair, as well as the different upholstery fabric used on them, sets it apart from the other dining chairs.
  • The room has a more formal and elegant appearance, but it is also casually inviting given the use of upholstered chairs, rich wood tones, and a warm color pallet.
  • Great layering of patterns and fabrics bring warmth and texture.
  • All the millwork provides a gorgeous finishing touch to the room.
  • Windows are beautifully adorned with floor-to-ceiling treatments.  They add softness, pattern, color, dimension, and texture to the space.
  • Large-scaled area rug grounds the room and provides softness, texture, and sound absorption.  The rug colors tie the room's color scheme together.
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