Super Easy Rustic DIY Decor Ideas Using Rope

I'm so happy to welcome the month of October!  October is the epitome of fall, with the change in colors and seasons.  It's also a fun, yet busy month for celebrations in our family.  My hubby and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary this month, and I get to be thankful for celebrating another year of life (well, that's my spin on birthdays at my age!).

I also associate the month of October with rustic elements and natural textures, such as rope. Here are a few SUPER EASY rustic home decor ideas using rope that you can do all by yourself with minimal effort and time.  All you need is some twine/rope, a hot glue gun, and the object of your choice!

#1 Rope Drapery Tie-Backs
Original source unknown

How simple and clever is this idea?!  My kind of DIY "project"...

#2 Rope Candle Holders

Four Generations One Roof - Click here for tutorial.

DIY Network - Simply add rope to the top of the candle holder to create a lantern!

Tip:  Wrap twine around ready-to-light candle jars to make things even easier!

#3 Rope Basket

Hometalk - Click here for details.

Turn a cheap wire (or even plastic) wastebasket from your local dollar store into a more stylish and decorative basket!  I love this idea.

#4 Rope Details

Funky Junk Interiors

Combining two re-purposed items (in this case, a suitcase and table base) is a great upcycling project.  The rope provides a finishing touch to camouflage any gaps!

Tips:  You can add rope to just about anything to give an object a more rustic appearance.  Some favorite objects of mine include: mason jars or old spaghetti jars, recycled tin canisters, plain lamp shades or lamp bases, plastic photo frames, pillows (trim), and mirrors (hang on a rope)!

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