Guest Bath Vanity Area Update

It's only been ~17 months since we renovated our guest bathroom, but it's already gone through some changes!  One of the changes in this bathroom is that the vanity area got a new light fixture.  I thought I'd share a recent snapshot of the updated vanity area with you.

Guest Bathroom Updated Vanity Area

New light fixture close-up...

The lighting update took the vanity area from more "sleek and modern" to "transitional and industrial".

Next up is installing filament bulbs...

In all fairness, the only reason we replaced the modern vanity light bar that we initially installed was because we "stole" it for the main bathroom remodel.  I can be finicky, but I'm not that finicky.  I love both fixtures, although I must say that I prefer the industrial sconce in the space.

This was the vanity area right after the renovation...

Click here for the "before" and "after" photos from the renovation.

Another slight, but oh so cute "update" in the vanity area was the addition of a soap dispenser!  Ha! The smallest decor elements can make me giddy. :)

There is so much textural beauty wrapped into the simple design.

I love the diagonal checkerboard pattern, and subtle dimensional effect from the crossing lines.  This Raymond Waite soap dispenser was $9.99.  Score!

A full updated tour of the guest bathroom is forthcoming.  I'll show you what's new in the shower area, plus one other change that's scheduled for install in December.  More on that later...  Have a great weekend!

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