This & That... House Updates

We have several things happening on the house front, as usual.  Here's another quick update!

For a couple weeks, we've been mulling over options for which pavers to select for the front exterior.  Well, it's decision time...

FYI, we chose a "cobbled" (tumbled texture and rounded edges) version of one of the pavers shown here - but in various sizes to create a random pattern.  Can you guess which one we chose?!

The new laundry space looks more like a home improvement storage site at the moment.  This is real life around here!  Thankfully, the closet doors have been ordered, so we can hide the mess.  Purchasing the new stackable laundry units is also on the horizon...  Crossing our fingers that we score a great deal during Black Friday or after-Christmas!

The main bathroom remodel is done!  I'm waiting on one final item to be installed before I reveal the new space.  You can see some peeks of the room on my Instagram account.

Click here for the latest updates in the guest bathroom.

My handy hubby is working his way through the house replacing the original 1-inch door moldings with wider moldings.  I think we went with 3-inch frames around the doors, but I can't remember. :)  Here's what they look like:

I can't wait for the day until the new floors go in so we can finally install some baseboards too!  We'll hopefully have the budget for new floors next year.  Baseboards are currently non-existent around here since we ripped them all up during the initial renovation (prior to moving in).

Our home office spruce up has taken a back seat to everything else.

We ordered window coverings a few weeks ago.  They are currently being custom-made to size.  Unfortunately, they won't be installed until late December, but our paper shades still have us covered in the meantime!

Lastly, plans are underway for our family room renovation, which I'll document along the way.  We decided to hold off until after the holidays to start demolition.  We didn't want to take chances with rushing the job.  It would also be nice to enjoy the holiday season without contractors coming and going! :)

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