We Broke the Ground

Most of you are probably getting your homes ready for Thanksgiving.  Since I don't host the holiday, we have this going on around here instead...

No, a major earthquake didn't hit our California neighborhood...

We "broke ground" on our front exterior makeover!!!

A little while ago, I shared our plans to spruce up the front exterior of our house.  Well, those plans were officially put into action.  Last week, our front yard was torn up - literally.  It quickly went from zero curb appeal to negative curb appeal!  Ha!

All of the crumbling, aged-old brick was removed.  The concrete in front of the garage and small portion of the driveway were also removed to make way for a new paver installation.

Concrete Slab in Front of the Garage Pre-Demolition


Here's a shot that includes the small portion of the driveway area that will be paved.

Let me tell you, the demolition process is LOUD.  Luckily, the kids were at school during the noisiest parts.  But they did get to see some of the construction trucks and equipment needed for the job!

The bobcat was their favorite!

This is what we hope to accomplish in this phase of the front exterior makeover:

  • Simplify the entrance and remove the columns that flanked the entry pathway
  • Replace all the old brick with new pavers in the porch, pathways, and steps
  • Install pavers in front of the garage and relevant driveway area
  • Install lighting - steps, porch, and possibly garage
  • Install new mailbox and post
  • Paint over the uneven stucco on front facade (interim solution until stonework is done)
  • Put in some landscaping

More before and after photos from our front exterior makeover are headed your way.  Thanks for following along in our renovation journey!

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