2015 Home Renovation Goals

A new year often brings new goals.  No exception over here.  On the house front, we have a lofty list of renovation projects that we plan to tackle in 2015, as we continue to update our beloved fixer one room at a time!

2015 Home Renovation Goals

#1  The front yard landscaping is on the forefront for 2015.  We finished the hardscaping at the end of 2014.  The softscape is much needed to wrap up the front exterior makeover!

#2  This month, we kick off the first interior renovation project: the family room.   It's an integral part of our "great room", as it is where we spend most of our lounging time.  It didn't get done as planned last year, so we're anxious to finally tackle this space.

#3  Installation of new hardwood flooring throughout the house will be the "highlight" of the 2015 renovations.  New flooring will completely transform the house; so needless to say, we can't wait to get this done!

I'm inspired by this wide plank hardwood floor!

#4  After the new floors go in, we plan to (finally) install baseboards.  We had ripped out all the old baseboards during the initial renovation.

On the "wishful list" for 2015...

#1  A new, fully-functional kitchen.  This is definitely a hope/goal for sooner rather than later.  Can you believe that I've been baking meals and desserts in our little toaster oven since we moved in?!  We have double wall ovens, but neither work!

#2  Interior doors.  We had ripped out all the original interior doors during the initial renovation and have been living door-less!  However, we made sure the bathrooms had doors before our family Christmas celebration. :)

#3  New sliding doors.  We have five different sets of sliding doors, and all need to be replaced.  None of them open easily, which in itself makes it a top priority for safety reasons.  They are also single-paned, which is poor for sound absorption and energy insulation.

We are excited to tackle these renovation projects in 2015.  I'm happy to share our journey - all the ups and downs - here on the blog with all of you.  Thanks for following along!

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