Concealing the laundry

Remember the new laundry area... aka, the neglected space that is all "plumbed out" but still isn't being used... because we have yet to purchase a new stackable washer/dryer...?!  Well, that hasn't changed, but it did get a little bit of our attention recently.

Up until last month, the new laundry area was fully exposed and without doors.  We finally addressed the "exposure" issue by installing new bi-fold doors! 

The bi-folds were ordered with the new bathroom doors, and have the same profile for consistency.  Although I did consider other options, bi-fold doors best suited the narrow hallway in which the laundry is located.  This way, we could easily open the doors (and leave them open) without having it impede traffic flow.

Next up for this space is installing shelving, and adding some simple decorating touches to liven it up a bit!


  1. Do you have a head on picture of the doors? I love them

    1. Hi Alexandra. I'm unable to take a direct head-on photo of the doors because of its position in our narrow hallway. Sadly, I don't have a wide angle lens that could help capture how it looks from the front. But the doors are lovely!

  2. HI, where did you orders these doors from?

  3. Hi Nathalie. They were purchased from a local company here in So Cal (South Bay area). If you happen to live in this area, shoot me an e-mail and I'll dig up the information.


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