Family Room Reno Progress: The Walls

I love walls with architectural details, like chair rails, board and batten, wainscoting, etc.  But faux-paneled walls, which were popular decades ago, do not work for me.  They scream time warp and look pretty flimsy up close (at least in our case).  Point in case, the faux paneling that was in our family room when we moved in...


At first, I thought we could possibly paint over the panels.  But after living in the house for a year 1/2, I noticed more and more the shoddy shape they were in.  They were separating in a few areas.

When planning our family room renovation, we knew we wanted to beef up the insulation, add lighting (there was none), and install new electrical outlets.  Since this would require opening up the walls, we decided to permanently address the faux paneling and replace it with drywall.  The walls throughout our house are a combination of plaster and drywall.


Shown above are progress shots of the room from two angles - looking into the room from the adjacent dining area (top portion), and from inside the room looking out towards the dining room (bottom half).  As you can see, we also removed the low beams that were running across the room.  They were not structural, nor attached to the center structural beam that is running the span of the room.

The room looks dramatically different with the removal of both the faux paneling and faux beams, don't you think?!  It looks and feels less heavy.  The room receives lots of natural light (one wall is essentially made up of sliding doors), but the old paneled walls were weighing the room down.  

Electrical was added for a ceiling light fixture.  Now I need to figure out how to camouflage it without painting the ceiling...

Next up for the walls will be bolting them down into the studs, then taped, mudded, and painted.  (We hired someone other than our contractor for this job.  Progress is slower (since it's one person), but he is SO meticulous.  He leaves the job site super clean too!)

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