Family Room: The Renovation Plans & Before Photos

It wouldn't be "normal" around here if we didn't kick off 2015 with a home renovation project!

We are finally officially underway with our family room renovation - like two weeks in process!  Demolition is done, and the room is slowly getting put back together.  Electrical just finished, and the prep work for the new insulation and drywall is completed.

This room was an addition to the home's original 1955 structure.  I believe it was done in the late 60's/70's by the original/previous owner.  It has a lot of potential packed in its 400 square feet of living space.  That being said, every surface in the room needs TLC.  We plan to bring it into the 21st century while maintaining as much of its architectural features.

This is what the room looked like when we closed escrow.  Sorry for the dark photo, but I snapped this photo before I knew I would be blogging. :)

It's a good size and has some nice features, like the high wood beam ceilings and floor-to-ceiling wood-burning fireplace.  The room also receives a ton of natural light.  The drawn vertical blinds are actually concealing two sets of sliding doors that open to the outdoor courtyard and backyard, which makes the space ideal for indoor/outdoor living and entertaining.

Aside from the shabby carpet, which will be replaced with new flooring, the largest eyesore in the room is the faux paneling.  It is now gone!  Yay!  The room just looks and feels less "heavy" without it.

Here is another angle of the room at the close of escrow, but looking out towards the adjacent dining and kitchen spaces.  Before we moved in, we actually demo'd the kitchen pantry and peninsula area to open up the space even more.  We plan to renovate the entire kitchen as well.

The family room has a slight "drop down" elevation, which I actually don't mind.  The ceilings in the room are already vaulted, and the drop down elevation accentuates the height.  We are also able to break up the flooring from the rest of the house without it looking disjointed.  Another neat feature in the room is the dutch door.  It needs a good cleaning and paint job (and maybe a new door jamb), but it's a keeper.

Here is what we hope to accomplish in this room:

  • Remove faux paneling & replace with drywall
  • Replace old carpet with new flooring
  • Install new baseboards and trim throughout
  • Install new fireplace mantel
  • Address insulation
  • Address lighting and electrical needs
  • Address ceiling and beams
  • Update dutch door & door jamb
  • Paint throughout
  • Install built-ins around fireplace (eventually)
  • Replace sliding doors (eventually)
  • Install new window treatments
  • Furnish and decorate!

Be sure to check back here for progress updates.  You can also follow me on Instagram for progress photos.


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