Our Family Room Design Process

If you follow me on Pinterest, you can see that I started pinning inspirational images for our family room design.

Like all design projects I work on, I asked the same questions: How do you I want the room to: 1) function, 2) look, and 3) feel?

First and foremost, the room needs to function for our family.  The family room is where we hang out and watch movies together.  In the future, I also want the room to accommodate "family game nights", a small library, and a piano. :)  I grew up taking piano lessons from the age of 6 to 18, so I would also love to give my boys the opportunity to play the piano.  If anything, I would love to start playing the piano again!  #anyone_have_a_piano

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Since our family room is part of a "great room" (with the kitchen and dining area), it is also where we entertain.  It needs to hold up to high traffic.  The room also has an indoor-outdoor feel, so it needs to be quite durable.

This part was a bit trickier for me to whittle down since I have eclectic taste.  My Pinterest board, however, is helping me visualize the common thread of the images that I've been pinning.  

I'm seeing lots of white, layered patterns, and natural textures!

As of this moment, I want the room to have a modern farmhouse appeal, with a bohemian/boho chic, global, and collected vibe!  Like I said, I'm eclectic...

This one was easy for me.  I want the room to feel relaxed, casual, light, bright, cozy, warm, welcoming, and inviting! :)  I want it to be approachable and easy-going.

But before the rest of the design process can start, the room's "construction" needs to get finished. :)  Are you painting this weekend too?!

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