Plugging along in the family room...

Happy February!  I can't believe the first month of 2015 is in the books.  We are still plugging along with our family room remodel.  I would love to say there's been a drastic transformation since my last update, but not too much has changed.  There was some forward progress nonetheless!

CAD INTERIORS family room renovation

Last week, all the new drywall was nailed down to the studs, taped, and mudded.  The first layer of mudding was sanded down, and another layer was just added in areas that needed it.  It will also be sanded down after it dries.  We allow 1-2 days for the mudding to completely dry before the walls get sanded.

CAD INTERIORS family room renovation

The carpet was also ripped up.  Thankfully, the sub-floor is in good condition and just needs to be completely prepped for the new flooring installation.  But before we can lay down the new hardwood flooring, the walls need to be finished (including painting) so we don't risk ruining the new floors.

CAD INTERIORS family room renovation

From this point on, my hubby and I will be taking over the rest of the family room renovation.  Yes, you heard that right!  Ready or not, we are going to do this?!  Fortunately, my husband is quite handy and has experienced doing most of the items on the punch list (listed below) in other parts of the house.  I'm just going to do my best to assist where I can - like texturizing and painting the walls! :)

This is what's on the punch list for the remainder of the family room renovation:

  • Texturize and paint the walls
  • Install new fireplace mantel
  • Install trim around sliders and dutch door
  • Prep sub-floor and lay new flooring
  • Install baseboards
  • Install new window treatments
  • Refinish ceiling
CAD INTERIORS family room renovation

The only other aspect of the family room renovation that we may hire out is for the ceiling refinishing.  I would like to give the beams a darker wood (stain) finish.  I'm particular about finding the "right" contractor for the job since I want the end result to showcase the natural wood grains, but in a deeper finish.  Stain jobs could easily go wrong if it isn't done properly!  For this reason, it isn't something we're confident in tackling ourselves - plus the ceiling is quite high and I'm afraid of heights! :)

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