Free Goodies & Boys' Room Progress Peek

I'm popping in quickly today to share some new free goodies that I added to my boys' bedroom - courtesy of my sister!  She was about to donate some stuff, but I grabbed a hold of these gems when I spotted them in the pile.  Talk about being at the right place at the right time. :)

teal aquamarine blue yellow stripes polka dots boys bedroom

Can you guess what I stole took?!

kids boys bedroom design
If you guessed the wood-framed mirror and teal gourd lamp (with drum shade), then you know me well!  The lamp and mirror just needed some cleaning, and now they are as good as new.  I'm planning to do a gallery-type installation on this wall, so I just leaned the mirror against the wall for now.  It's actually quite heavy.  I love how my son's painting fits right into the color scheme of the room.  Another freebie!

I can attest to the saying that "someone's trash is another person's treasure" - on both the giving and receiving end.  This lamp and mirror were in great condition, unlike the many "trashy" items I've donated over the years.  Imagine our demolition junk pile stuff...

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