Contrasting Project Styles

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen tidbits of some design projects I'm currently working on.  I thought I'd share a little about the projects with all of you because they span the realm aesthetically.  It is interesting to simultaneously work on projects that have completely different design styles!


turquose teal aqua modern casual traditional area rugs
CAD INTERIORS design project great room family living dining room

The project above is in the middle stages of the design planning phase.  I'm working on a great room that is HUGE on space, and includes a seating area and casual dining nook.  Before I got started, this client sent me inspirational photos (including the ones above) that reflected the "mood" she wanted for the space.  "Coastal Transitional" is the direction I'm going with...  I provided three layout options (with mood boards), and we have been "piecing" the final space plan together.


CAD INTERIORS design traditional eclectic collected global living family room

This project's design aesthetic could not be any more different than my Coastal Transitional project.  Contrasting styles, different color directions, etc...  The only similarities between the two are the spaces being worked on (i.e. main living areas) and the fact that both are younger families!

In this home, I really admired all the beautiful passed-down treasures (rugs, antique furnishings) and wonderful collection of art.  Although we will be incorporating many of these more traditional pieces, I want to balance it with a fresh and modern approach since they are a young family.  My goal is to give them a space that is "Relaxed New Traditional", with an eclectic and collected vibe.  Unlike the Coastal Transitional project, the space is much cozier in size, and quite challenging to design since it needs to pack multiple functions.  Space planning is key to this project!

Also, in case you missed it, click here to see the project I just finished for Chairish.  That was a mid-century modern design - completely different from the above projects!  No matter the design aesthetic, I can appreciate the beauty in all!

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