Kitchen Priorities

It's been an exciting, yet overwhelming time around here as my husband and I have been planning out our summer home renovations.  Our home is going to be quite a construction site for the next few months.  What's new, right?!

One of the big renovation projects on the horizon is our kitchen.  Before I share the actual details, I thought I'd share the thought process that went behind the design decisions.  As always, budget was a major consideration, so that meant prioritizing our kitchen "musts", and separating it from the "wants or wishes".

Let's be real.  I'd rather SEE the pretty stuff we're spending money on.  Thus, in order to save on plumbing and electrical work (which are critical in kitchen renos), we are maintaining the layout of the original kitchen.  Our existing L-shaped configuration works perfectly, so why change a good thing?!  A new island will be the only addition to the space.  Plumbing and electrical is necessary overall, but the contractor won't be having to start from scratch.

pantry design kitchen renovation

Storage topped the priority MUST list.  Kitchen storage has been non-existent here.  Most of our dishes and kitchen-related items are still in boxes - two years later!  Before we moved in, we demo'd what used to be the kitchen pantry and a peninsula to open up the kitchen to the rest of the great room.  Lots of storage went with it as a result.  Needless to say, our kitchen plans definitely address our storage needs in a major way!

Reliable, durable, good-quality appliances also top the list for our new kitchen.  I enjoy cooking and baking, but the last two years in this house have subdued my interest in both.  You see, our existing kitchen houses lots of non-functioning appliances.  Everything from preparation to clean-up has been a pain!

Wolf appliances pro grade kitchen renovation

Another criteria that I personally have for appliances is that they have to look good, as in professional looking!  Not surprising to my sticker-shocked hubby, I am drawn to pro-style ranges and built-in refrigerators.  I know this may sound more like a want than a must, but appliances are the "engine" of the kitchen - nor something we plan to change again.  Hence, form and function do collide here.  To be practical, I have also kept an open mind to the 30-inch slide-in oven units, but those darn 36-48 inch professional ranges keep taunting me!  On the flip side, a "regular" refrigerator is totally in the running... :)

quartz silestone caesarstone carrara marble

Despite its current condition, the kitchen is still the heart of our home.  We spend lots of time cooking, talking, and eating in there as a family.  My boys sometimes do their homework in there too.  Durable surfaces that will stand the test of time are a definite must.

As I always say, lighting is an essential component to every well-designed space - kitchens included.  The lighting in our kitchen is actually pretty good.  We have good natural and artificial lighting in this room.  However, we are taking the lighting a step further by adding new sources that will provide both task and ambient lighting.

kitchen island seating kitchen renovation counter stools
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We currently use a counter-depth kitchen table that doubles as an island.  It has been with us through two homes, and boy is it functional.  However, we only have two stools for it (which the kids use), so my hubby and I normally stand when we eat.  Definitely not ideal!  The existing seating situation will change so people can comfortably gather in the heart of our home!

Have any of you been through the process of a kitchen renovation?  Is there anything else we should give consideration to?

P.S. Stay tuned for flooring...

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  1. I can't wait to see what you do with your kitchen. Especially the storage and countertops solutions. You have great inspiration here. :)

  2. Thank you! I am bracing myself for the process, but looking forward to finally getting a functional kitchen again. :)


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