Happy August 31st, i.e. my kids' first day of school!  They were so excited to see all their friends, and are ready to tackle 2nd and 5th grade.  This school year is a little bittersweet for me since it is the last elementary school year for my older son.  It will also be the last year that both of my boys will be in the same school together... at least until their freshman and senior year in high school. #growinguptoofast

Anyway, back to the actual post topic - our floors!  The new hardwood floors have started to go in.  We are "FLOORed" with how they look!  What a transformation already...

SLCC Milky Way Collection Venus modern farmhouse interior design house remodel

We actually hit a little snag with the wood; but in hindsight, it proved to be a "better" and more "timeless" result.  You see, the floor boards that arrived are a darker hue than the sample wood we based our selection on.  We did expect some variation with the hue typical unless wood is stained onsite; however, the planks that came were darker than expected.  So, although we were inclined to install a lighter tone for this house, we went ahead and installed these floors and they look amazing.  We love their "rich warmth", and they definitely look more classic.

With the floors underway, the appliances can be scheduled for delivery, and the kitchen kick plates and cabinetry baseboards can soon be installed.  We can also start thinking about the moldings that will run the span of the house...

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