Family Room Preview

If there were awards handed out for the "longest/slowest remodel projects", we'd consistently win - hands down!  Our home renovation projects (especially DIY) seem to take forever life can do that to a timeline.  Nonetheless, it will all get done, one way or another!

Today, I'm sharing the current state of our family room - yes, the room we started to remodel at the beginning of the year.  This room has certainly come a long way, even though it's not completely done.

This is what our family room currently looks like:

98% remodeled and a blank slate!

Removing the dark wall paneling and non-structural dropped beams helped "open up" the room and provide the light and airy feeling that I wanted to achieve in the space.  Installing built-ins around the fireplace made this wall a more prominent focal point, while adding valuable storage in the process. Ripping out the dingy gray carpet and replacing it with wide-planked hardwood floors was not only practical, but it should add lasting value to our home's worth.

The pre-blog photo below is a true before shot of the room (what we inherited):

Still left to do...

Furnishing and decorating the family room (our entire house for that matter) will be done as our budget permits.  Needless to say, this is my favorite part of the design process!

A few more things we would like to tackle in the room eventually:

  • Install new door jamb or refurbish existing frame
  • Sand and paint dutch door; add new hardware
  • Possibly reface fireplace
  • Add wall trim detail
  • Replace single-paned sliding doors


  1. You may paint the bricks all white, or darken the ceiling, oh, oh and I wonder what style of doors you will choose, or leave the warm ceiling color and play with creme and green accents and, and - oh so many options for that room!
    I can't wait to see how you will go about the fireplace.
    I also want to see details on the Dutch door. Details and many photos please! The room already looks great. :)

    1. Thank you! Hope you had a great trip. Yes, definitely so many options in terms of design direction for this room. :)


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