DIY Fireplace Mantel Stain

CAD INTERIORS family room remodel fireplace mantel varathane kona diy project home improvement

As a complete novice DIY-er, I try to stick to more straightforward projects... projects like staining a wood mantel.  During the family room remodel, my hubby had built a new fireplace mantel to replace the old lopsided one.  I finally tackled the staining of it a couple weeks ago, thanks to the push from the ORC.  Nothing like a deadline to get things moving!

In one afternoon, the mantel went from unstained, unfinished pine...

CAD INTERIORS family room remodel DIY fireplace wood mantel staining project home improvement pine wood a rich-stained, finished wood mantel!

CAD INTERIORS family room remodel DIY fireplace wood mantel stain varathane kona finish diy project home improvement

It was a simple DIY that provided immediate gratification, aka my kind of project!

Here are the materials I used to stain our fireplace mantel:

CAD INTERIORS family room remodel fireplace mantel stain DIY project home improvement varathane wood stain polyurethane kona linzer brush

Also make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area and/or wear a mask!

For this project, I applied two coats of stain and two light coats of polyurethane.  This is the procedure I used:  
CAD INTERIORS family room remodel diy project home improvement fireplace wood stain
***Update:  Make sure you lightly sand your surface before wiping it clean!***

It should also be noted that the stain I used already had wood conditioner mixed in.  It worked fine for my purposes since I was working with virgin pine wood.  However, although I am not a seasoned DIY-er, I think it may probably be worthwhile to apply wood conditioner separately on staining projects in which you are refinishing previously coated wood.

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