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Hello everyone!  Thank you so much for all the kind words on our family room makeover.  Wow, the e-mails and comments I received were very heartwarming!  It was definitely a challenging "six weeks" (ten months including the remodel) to get the room done, but it was all worth it.  My family and I are enjoying our comfy new space, and that was the ultimate goal.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Over the past few weeks, I was also working on a (dreamy) living room design project that had me on the hunt for interesting seating options.  During the process, I came across a very unique find that totally caught my attention.  I'm talking about vintage theater seating!
bench eclectic furniture seating
Unexpected.  Unique.  Unconventional.  Quirky.  Playful.  FUN!!!  All design characteristics that I love to see in any room design!  A big dose of courage and creative vision would definitely be needed to incorporate this piece into any home.

I had shown the exact cinema lounger above to my client, knowing that it would be testing the limits of her comfort zone.  Heck, it tested my own comfort zone!  I thought it could be an interesting (admittedly very eclectic) alternative to a traditional bench.  Although it didn't make it into the final room design, I thought I'd put together a mood board that shows how this very piece could be used in a space.

eclectic transitional mid-century modern furniture interior design decorating
Hmm, I think I may need this set-up in my own home...

Apparently, I'm not alone in my attraction to unexpected design elements.  Take a look at how these designers incorporated vintage theater seats into their spaces.




So, did I help you see vintage theater seating in a "new" light?!  They are definitely interesting, functional, and a conversation piece! :)

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  1. I love these design ideas!! I'm a huge fan of having the unexpected, conversational piece of furniture!


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