2016 Home Renovation Goals

It's a new year, which means new goals on the house front!  We certainly have no shortage of home improvements to tackle, but here's what we hope to accomplish in 2016...

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Does this goal look familiar to anyone?!  We have so many dreams ideas for adding curb appeal to the house, but we have to compromise on what can realistically be accomplished - at least in the near-term.  Landscaping the front yard is the main priority right now.


This improvement goes hand-in-hand with improving the curb appeal of the front exterior.  The original entry door and jamb/threshold are in really shabby shape and need to be replaced.  We would also prefer something that offers more privacy.


I guess this is the year for "doors".  Replacing all of the single-paned sliding doors in our home is one of the more hefty improvements we hope to do in 2016.  We have FIVE sets in need of replacement.  (There is actually a sixth one near the master bath, but it won't be addressed until the master ensuite renovation.)  Replacing all the sliders is necessary to improve our home's insulation.  Heat rapidly escapes/enters through the existing doors, making it quite energy inefficient.  Some of the doors also do not open easily, which is a fire safety hazard.


The living room is the first room you see when you enter our home.  Since it is currently unfurnished, we may as well get going on some remodeling projects in there. :)

DIY home renovation remodel improvement project living room

The room actually has some great inherent features, including a fireplace and hardwood floors.  It also receives plenty of natural light through the 10-foot expanse of floor-to-ceiling sliding doors.  However, the room lacks architectural interest.  I'm hoping to beef up the millwork, as well as give the fireplace a much-needed makeover.

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The fireplace is a natural focal point in the space.  During the pre-move renovation, however, the mantel and surround were removed and drywall was put in its place until we figured out the tile/material/design.  Prettying up the fireplace is on the list for 2016!

Sorry about the terrible "before" photos.  I snapped some quick pics last night just to give you an idea of what we are working with.


Okay, so a backyard makeover is the highlight of our 2016 renovation plans.  It is also the most budget-heavy. We have a decent-sized backyard for So Cal standards, but it is a blank slate that is in need of a full landscape design. Our home's floor plan actually sets up well for indoor/outdoor entertaining, but the backyard is not yet living up to its full potential.  Last year, we actually got a few preliminary estimates to give us an idea of what to budget for the makeover.  Whoa!!!  I'm not sure what we can actually afford to get done this year, so we may tackle this one in stages.

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Making this house our home has definitely taken on a special meaning for us.  We are literally putting our personal stamp on every aspect of this home.  After spending most of 2014 and 2015 enduring some major interior renovation projects, it will be good to extend the renovation work to the outside!  The focus of 2016 is definitely more on making some exterior improvements.  I can't wait to add some desperately-needed curb appeal, and inject some function and personality to the backyard.  I think it will alter the overall "experience" we will have living in our home!

Catch up on what transpired on the house front last year: 2015 Home Renovation Goals, 2015 Home Renovation Year-End Review

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  1. Landscaping is a break the bank thing. I remember reading younghouselove's blog how they fixed the curb appeal in one of their houses (by removing large trees, bushes and repositioning/planting anew) and how nice it was.
    Well, stuff like that goes in the - many - thousands over here. We had a single branch cut out of a tree for $400 2 years ago.
    A. Branch. One. 400 bucks.
    So, I feel you when you write "whoa!!!" with 3 exclamation marks. :)

    1. Wow, $400...for a single tree branch?! Oh my... Yup, the estimates all came in significantly costly $$$$. Since we are doing the front landscaping, we thought we'd see about doing the front and back together. We have found that combining jobs usually helps with the estimate somewhat. At least I hope that's the case when we are ready to forge ahead! :)

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