Favorite Things: Bold Built-In Bookcases

colored library bookshelves cabinets
original source unknown

colored bookcase bookshelves library
original source unknown

colored cabinets cabinetry bookshelves libary

colored bookcases

Built-in bookcases add an architectural element that any home can benefit from.  They provide depth, dimension, and character where regular wall surfaces otherwise fall flat.

I prefer an "updated traditional" bookcase style with cleaner lines.  Simple, classic, and timeless.  However, when it comes to color, that's open game.  The bold, deep, rich hues I've seen trending on bookcases recently inject a contemporary flair that has me swooning.  So much moody richness and design impact.  They strike that balance of traditional and modern, elegant and cozy, classic yet unexpected... design characteristics that I absolutely love!

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