Midway Point of the "No Spend" Month

Hi everyone!  Hope you enjoyed a nice Valentine's/President's Day long weekend!  We had a typical busy weekend filled with the kids' sports, house projects, and... school assignments?!  My second grader has been working on a research report, and he's finally almost finished.  His older brother took joy in seeing his little brother do school work since he had to work on a science fair project the weekends prior.  Brothers...

CAD INTERIORS no spend month

Anyway, onto what's happening around here!  We are at the midway point of our "no spend" month.  To refresh, I did a self-imposed spending fast on NEW home-related (home improvement/decorating) expenses in order to focus on wrapping up unfinished in-process home projects that have been lingering on the "to do" list.

Well, we are getting stuff done, albeit slowly!  It's been a moderately productive month thus far.  Some spending did occur since my hubby did have to buy some materials.  Here are a few cell phone photos to give you an indication of the tedious tasks we've been tackling. :)

CAD INTERIORS diy home improvement projects

Walls and moldings/trim around the house got touched up.  I also gave all the baseboards a final coat of paint.  Of course, we still need to case out the passageway between the living room and dining room...

CAD INTERIORS diy home improvement

I have been most productive on the purging front.  I have purged my way through my own and my kids' drawers and closets.  I also unpacked a few boxes that have been sitting in our storage "shed".  There are still plenty of boxes to empty, but I am making some headway.

My hubby cleaned up some paint that got on the dining room wood beam using this product.

CAD INTERIORS diy home improvement
No more paint on the wood beam!

Perhaps the "biggest" thing that finally got done was painting the window area in the kitchen.  This minor detail has held up our kitchen reveal, which is now scheduled for next week!  There is still a myriad of other items on the "to do" list, but it's been nice to knock out some of the tasks that have been lingering.

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