10 Design Tips to Pull Off Dark Bedrooms

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I love a light wall canvas.  I can simply add color through the decor and accessories.  If/when I want to switch color schemes, a neutral background (like white, cream, or soft gray) makes it easy enough to do so.  However, when it comes to bedrooms, specifically master bedrooms, I find myself drawn to the "dark side".

Dark painted bedrooms, like navy or black, are dramatic and impactful.  If done "right", they can really make a bold, inviting statement, rather than appear heavy or dreary.  Here are ten design tips that can help you pull off dark rooms:

interior design tips for dark rooms interior design decorating navy black walls bedroom design

1. Use a satin or eggshell paint finish instead of flat.  The sheen can subtly help bounce light around the room.

2. Bring in metallic elements, such as gold, brass, or silver.  Metallics can infuse a layer of "richness" and depth.  They can also help reflect light.

3. Keep the color scheme simple by using a combination of two or three colors, and perhaps tying it all together with a patterned textile.  This can help a room from feeling busy or heavy.

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4. Commit and play it up.  Don't just stop at painting the walls a dark color.  Go ahead and paint the window sill/trim, baseboards, crown molding, etc.  Bring in "relief" by painting the ceilings white and keeping the window coverings light and airy.

5. Bring in nature and infuse some texture.  Woven elements, fuzzy throws, textured rugs, rustic woods, and natural greenery can help add warmth, depth, and dimension in dark (or light) spaces.

navy black bedroom walls interior design decorating tips dark rooms modern traditional transitional
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6. Visually expand a room's dimensions by blending in same-hued furnishings with the dark walls.  This will help everything recede.

7. Crystal or glass chandeliers can help increase the dramatic factor in dark rooms.  They are elegant and romantic, and also provide femininity and "softness" within a dark, bold backdrop.

modern transitional bedroom design interior design tips decorating navy black walls

8. Mirrors are a common design trick to help visually expand space and reflect light.  For greater effectiveness, use a large-scaled wall or floor mirror to help "open up" a dark-colored room.

interior design tips for dark bedrooms decorating navy black walls
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9. Create stark contrast to dark walls by using light bedding, textiles, and artwork.  When in doubt, black and white is a classic combination that is tried and true!

10. Proper lighting is essential in any well-designed space, and crucial in dark rooms.  Bedrooms that receive a lot of natural light are especially great "candidates" for dark paint.

interior design decorating tips and tricks navy black dark painted bedrooms

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  1. Great post Carol! I love dark and moody walls in a bedroom. Our walls are a deep navy-teal and I love the color with white bedding!

    1. The color scheme in your bedroom sounds gorgeous! I love white bedding, especially when it's in contrast to dark walls. I want to see your room! :)

  2. I love how dark bedrooms look, but I have never been brave enough to try it myself. I love your tips, they seem to include a lot about how to bring light in. I'm pinning them in case I can convince myself to try it.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Dark bedrooms are certainly bold and daring, but definitely make a huge design statement! Glad you were able to find the design tips useful. :)

  3. I pinned this, as per usual, you give concise and easy to follow, advice. :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you found the tips useful. :)


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