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black and white kitchen interior design

black and white kitchen design

#1:  It's no secret that I love black in interior spaces.  So when I saw Audrey painted her kitchen walls (and dining room) black, I was blown away.  Now that's design gusto!  Her home is pure mid-century eye candy too.

one room challenge interior design makeover

#2:  I'm really looking forward to seeing this treehouse makeover at the end of the One Room Challenge.

#3:  What an accomplishment!!!

#4:  Check out this practical DIY storage solution that won't break the bank.

cactus garden plants rock garden

#5:  I'm enjoying seeing glimpses of this backyard come together.  The drought-tolerant landscaping is serving as good inspiration for our own backyard makeover.

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  1. Carol thank you for mentioning our half-shelves DIY!

    No3 is indeed quite the accomplishment and they have a beautifully styled home.
    The black walls with the golden brackets = awesome.
    And the garden is so...clean. Can't do it here with our super wet weather but, it looks like a spa retreat and wish I could make something similar. Can't wait to see your garden when you start tackling it. :)

    1. You're welcome! It was a great DIY project that I am happy to share. :) Unfortunately, because we live in a drought-stricken state (with imposed water limitations), our landscaping options are pretty restrictive. I'm okay with desert-type plants, but I do love lush landscaping as well!


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