Dreaming of Our Backyard Makeover

Aside from location and neighborhood, one of the main aspects that drew us to our current home was the property lot.  We moved from a nearby "patio-sized" beach city lot to a house with a decent-sized backyard.  But just like the rest of our fixer upper, it is in dire need of a makeover.

We still have several interior renovation projects to tackle in the main house (plus a future conversion of our 400 sf attached "shed" space, which I have yet to share about on the blog); but right now, the front and back exterior improvements are up next on the reno list...

goats country rural city landscaping

I'll be sharing more info in the near future about our backyard renovation as it gets underway.  But for now, I can tell you that having a privacy barrier is the most important priority in this renovation.  Those goats you see in the photo above?!  Trespassers! :)  A few days ago, I saw a lady open our back gate to let these two seemingly lost goats onto our lot.  You see... our property backs onto a horse trail (located on the other side of the white wood railings), and these friendly domestic goats seemed to have gotten out of their pen from the stables up the trail.  Privacy is much needed, indeed. :)

I'm pinning some outdoor inspiration for our backyard makeover if you wish to follow along.


  1. That is too funny about your trespassers Carol! Maybe they can eat up some of your unwanted vegetation while they're there....we are on the verge of renting a herd of goats to control poison ivy in our yard, I would love for some to wander in!

    1. Oh no... poison ivy?! Our not-so-little (they looked very well fed!) trespassing goats would have probably loved your yard. We have not maintained or watered anything in our yard (knowing we're going to dig it up), so there isn't much for them to feed on - or mow down! There is a little area down the hill from where we live that always rents a bunch of goats to chomp down the grass. It's such a cool site to drive by!


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