How We Filled Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Space

Once the measurements were finalized for our new kitchen, we knew there would be a narrow gap to fill between the range and lower corner cabinet by the sink.  Rather than having a standard-but-narrow cabinet, it became an opportunity to incorporate a practical storage solution.  What did we do?

CAD INTERIORS kitchen renovation remodel cabinet storage ideas interior design pull out cabinet

We added a pull-out "spice rack" for seasonings and cooking oils - plus a small drawer above for "odds and ends".

kitchen storage solutions ideas built in pull out interior design remodel CAD INTERIORS kitchen renovation

A built-in spice rack that completely pulls out is a neat little thing to have in the kitchen!  I don't think I would have optimally used the space if I had left it as a regular cabinet.  Having the oils and seasonings right next to the cook-top has been convenient and practical.  It is so handy to just reach for what I need as I'm cooking!  I also really like the fact that everything is tucked away and not cluttering the countertop.

In case you missed it, I also talked about the storage solutions that we configured into our kitchen island.

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