Mixing Different Lighting Styles & Finishes

Similar to mixing metals, you either embrace combining different lighting styles and finishes within a space, or just stick to one.  Neither way is right or wrong, and is a matter of personal preference.

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When I was shopping around for our dining room light fixture, I wanted to find something that differed from, but complimented, the light pendant in the adjacent family room.  I tend to steer away from being "matchy matchy" in interior decor - light fixtures included.

Obviously, the light fixtures do NOT match whatsoever.  Aside from finish, they are not even the same style.  One is brass and mid-century modern, while the other is aged bronze and more transitional.  Yet, despite their distinct differences, I think they pair nicely together. :)

transitional mediterranean spanish lighting fixtures

The general simplicity of each lighting pendant is what makes the combination work.  Both light pendants are "open" and rather streamlined.  Although the aged bronze pendant is "enclosed", it still has the same light and airy feel as the dining room pendant since it is encased in glass.  Both fixtures sport simple lines/shapes - nothing over-the-top ornate, like traditional crystal chandeliers for instance.  Aged bronze and matte brass also tend to work well together since they are complimentary, muted finishes.

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I am (still) on the hunt for a set of pendants to go above our kitchen island, which happens to visually connect to the dining room and family room.  That means I have not one, but TWO different lighting styles to consider when coordinating the light fixtures in the kitchen.  Shopping for the "right" kitchen pendants has been a good challenge, especially since my budget isn't big. :)

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  1. I have been on the hunt for a light fixture for my dining room that I LOVE and *can afford* (oh, that.) It seems my taste is always a bit spendy! HA. Your lights look great and I can't wait to see what you end up with for pendants.

    1. Oh Lisa, I can totally relate. If budget wasn't an issue (which it always is for us), the kitchen light fixtures would have been purchased and hung a long, long time ago! Like you, my taste usually exceeds our affordability (dang kids and renovation projects!). Can't wait to see what you pick out for your dining room!


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