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An absolutely breathtaking before and "finished-ish" tour of a designer's house that was completely remodeled in LESS THAN ONE YEAR!  I wish we had that kind of budget. :)  It's up for sale, if you happen to be house hunting.

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From bland and boring beige, THIS "Scandi Sanctuary" bedroom will WOW YOU and your budget!!!

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The ingenuity of projects that this talented and creative duo undertake is beyond amazing.  Love following all of their home renovation projects!

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Love this deck.  Now I'm re-thinking whether we should install REAL wood instead of low-maintenance composite decking in our backyard?!


  1. If your deck gets a lot of sun it can be hot as hell on bare feet with composite decking. We have it on our front porch and my otherwise lazy cat runs into the house when she has to cross it in the heat of the afternoon. But it sure beats staining it constantly!

  2. Thanks for that tidbit of info on composite decking, Lori! It's super helpful to know. We get average shade coverage in our backyard, but I'm sure it would get hot regardless. The previous owners actually had a real wood deck out back, but because of termites/wood rot, it needed repair. They ended up tearing it down during escrow (instead of fixing it), and now it's sitting empty until the backyard makeover. Dealing with re-staining and potential wood rot are two major reasons I'm swayed away from real wood. But I definitely prefer the look/feel of it.


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