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My plans to work on a DIY project over the weekend got a bit derailed when something unexpected happened - a visit to the emergency room.  My youngest son accidentally face-planted on cement pavement while trying to hurdle something.  Sigh.

He had quite a contusion on his forehead.  The swelling is nearly gone, but it was a very scary sight as you can imagine.  The facial abrasions he suffered will likely cause scarring - and will give him/us a continual reminder of the accident.  Considering it was a head injury, we are extremely grateful that he seems to be doing okay.

Life can certainly throw some curve balls.

On the home front...  Hints of fall have made its way into the house:

fall home interior decorating design autumn touches

I'll try to shoot the house and give you guys a mini fall tour of the recently "zhushed" family room.  I have been itching (for two years!) to buy a new sofa for the room, but other priorities always take precedence - so I re-arrange to achieve a FREE fresh change. :)

Elsewhere around here, I gave up my old workspace to my new middle schooler, and temporarily relocated my "office" to the kitchen island for the time being.  The new home workspace can't get done quickly enough!  Click here to see the plans that are in the works.

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  1. Oh no Carol! I hope he is feeling better, how awful for him and you! That tapestry (or is it a rug?) in your family room is so rich and perfect for fall, love it.


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