Tried and True Decorating Favorites

The re-decorating "itch" often strikes around here.  Rather than constantly buying pretty new things, I first try to shuffle things around to freshen up a room.  And each time I re-arrange, there are two common decorative elements that I tend to rely on when "accessorizing".  They work well with any design aesthetic, so I thought I'd share...


lidded basket texture decorative accessories home decorating interior design tips

Decorative accent pieces that are made of natural woven materials are something that I am especially drawn to.   Baskets, trays, bowls, stools, you name it... if it's woven, I'll incorporate it into a space.  Natural woven accessories add warmth and texture, which works with any design style.  They can also be a "neutralizing" element in highly eclectic, color-rich rooms.

Useful Tip:  From time to time, run the vacuum hose attachment to "clean" your woven accessories.  This helps prevent any microscopic dust particles from collecting!

home decorating interior design tips decorative accessories decor texture


I may not have a green thumb at all, but indoor plants are an absolute must in our home!  They literally add life to any space.  They are also great for indoor air quality.  Since I don't have a super successful track record with plants, I try to stick with varieties that require minimal care (like snake plants).

green indoor plants home decor decorating interior design tips

Design Tip:  Get unique with the type of plants you use indoors.  For instance, when prepping for our kitchen reveal, I used edible plants (i.e. various herbs) as "accessories".  It was pretty and practical.  Aloe or succulents are also good options, especially if you are plant-challenged in the maintenance department like myself!

Do you have any "go to" accessories that you like to use when decorating?!

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