Construction Chaos is Back {Exterior Renovation}

Well hello there!  Is this thing still on?!  Hard to believe it's been months since I last blogged.

I'm back today to share an update on our home renovation.  After a much-needed mental and financial break from doing major projects on our fixer upper, we are back to the construction chaos - noise and dust aplenty!

Sporadically over the past year, we interviewed a few reputable local builders in hopes of hiring a "one stop" (architectural) design-build company.  However, the one that we selected eventually proved precarious on the communication front.  So we moved on...

Let me back up for a sec... the main reason we considered working with a design-build company was because we wanted to finish all the larger renovations and be done with it.  However, because of structural issues which affected the budget, we will have to phase out some projects - which includes the master suite and shed conversion.

Anyway, if you caught my Instastories (@cadinteriors), then you saw that we just kicked off another phase of our home renovation.  This time around, the focus of the improvements is on the exterior - something that has been on our priority list for years!  We got as far as replacing the crumbling brick with new pavers back in 2014...

With the exception of changing the front elevation (holding off for now), we are moving forward with our exterior wishlist.  One of the most significant exterior/interior improvements will be the replacement of all the sliding doors!

home remodel renovation improvement exterior design
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We have five sets of single-paned aluminum sliders that will be replaced with energy-efficient "French style" (actually Belgian style) doors with a dark bronze trim.

Another big change to the exterior will be at the front entry.  We are installing a new Craftsman-style front door package that suits our home's architecture. The front entrance will be demo'd and re-framed to accommodate a wider doorway (I shared it on my Instastories).  Not only will it enhance our home's exterior appeal, but it will provide better insulation.  The original 60+ year old wood door is in horrible condition, both cosmetically and practically.  Air seeps in, so it is very drafty.

The rest of the exterior facade is getting spruced up.  Stone will be installed in a certain area, and the existing board and batten will remain (wood-rot boards are being replaced).

The ugly before the pretty...

ranch home renovation exterior remodel

The windows and garage door will be cased, new gutters will be installed, and any cracks around the house (where stucco exists) will be repaired.  Once everything is ready and prepped, the entire house will be painted.

I will document more of the exterior renovation in the weeks to come.  Congratulations and thank you if you made it to the end of this lengthy post!  If you want to stay current on all the behind the scenes around here, follow me on Instagram!

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