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I am a huge fan of this interior designer.  Loved her project that was featured in Domino Magazine!

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So proud of my Insta-friend, Pamela, for the amazing work that she did alongside HGTV's Jonathan Scott on Season 6 of Brother vs. Brother!

interior design remodel

Speaking from our own personal experience, I couldn't agree more with this piece of advice about living through a longer-term home renovation.

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This Instagram account is filled with drought-tolerant landscaping inspiration, perfect for Southern California or desert dwellers!

Speaking of landscaping, our front yard has been in a waiting pattern over the past couple weeks.  The "weed germination" process was extended to ensure that all the existing plant matter surfaces before the weed killer is sprayed.  In a nutshell, the landscaper was looking for more weeds to grow (and a lot more did sprout in the last couple weeks)!  It's a counter-intuitive process, but weed germination is a necessary step to ensure that the soil is properly treated and prepared to sustain new growth.  The good news is that we are almost at the finish line!

Lastly, because it is 4th of July week, here's a beautiful feature of the home of another one of my favorite designers...

interior design inspiration

Emily also shared some quick and easy tips for hosting a 4th of July party.  Have a safe 4th of July!

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