New Front Door Makes All the Difference

Ever so slowly but surely, I will be recapping the details of the exterior improvements we have been making to our house since the end of 2017.  First up is the new front door, which made a huge difference in our home's curb appeal!

craftsman style black front door exterior home improvements entryway porch board and batten black and white

When we first looked at this house, I knew right away that the original front door had to go.  Its dinged-up condition didn't exactly make a great first impression, and only amplified the fact that, indeed, we were buying a fixer upper.  Well, 4+ years later, we finally replaced the door!

exterior renovation home improvement craftsman style black door transitional

I tried to find a before photo of the door from the exterior view, but could not find one!  Here's an interior photo I dug up to give you an idea of what the original door looked like.

The new door made such a difference both inside and outside!  You can catch an interior glimpse of the new door here.

home improvement black entry door
Craftsman-Style Door (Andersen) / Door Handleset (Emtek) / Sconces / Welcome Mat

Replacing the old door wasn't as straightforward as simply swapping out the actual door.  We needed to expand the opening in order to accommodate the wider frame.  Hence, some real messy construction was required, which included new framing, a new support beam/header, waterproofing, insulation, and all the finish carpentry details.

We also had to demolish an interior closet by the entryway (shown above) to accommodate the new wider opening.  This meant that we also needed to weave in some missing hardwood flooring resulting from the closet demolition (luckily we had some wood leftover), as well as patch up the drywall.  It was a trickle effect when it came to construction, but I would go through the process again to obtain the end result!


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