Holiday Season Traditions

CAD Interiors dining table setting holidays fruit lemons pinecones pine garland candles natural

Before we had children, the holidays were more or less a continuation of how our respective families celebrated Christmas. Once we had children, we started to establish holiday traditions (experiences) for our own family unit. Such traditions have provided many cherished moments that our kids actually look forward to every holiday season - regardless of how old they're getting! I hope the memories we make together endure in our children's hearts and minds through their lifetimes.

CAD Interiors dining table setting holidays fruit lemons pinecones pine garland candles natural

CAD Interiors dining table setting holidays fruit lemons pinecones pine garland candles natural

Now more than ever, our traditions have brought a sense of peace and consistency to the 2020 holidays. It's been a tough year for everyone, including our family - we've suffered loss and health crises. Despite circumstances and uncertainty, we are carrying on as best as possible this holiday season through our traditions. Here's a few...

ADVENT ACTIVITIES: We do simple family activities throughout December. Every morning, I jot down an activity to do and place a note in our Advent calendar that our boys read each day. It could be as simple as having dinner around the fire pit on a cold winter weeknight. 😉

CAD Interiors Advent season family activity backyard makeover

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Driving through neighborhoods to see Christmas lights is one of my favorite holiday pastimes. Christmas carols and lights are bound to bring some holiday cheer. This year, we also went to a small drive-thru light display that was set up in our community in lieu of the cancelled town parade.

community PV holiday light display

GINGERBREAD HOUSES: It doesn't matter how old our kids get, they are always up for decorating a gingerbread house. I make it super easy and get a gingerbread house kit.

BAKING: What's the holidays without indulging in sweet treats?! Bonus for the aroma that comes from fresh-baked goodies. We typically gift our neighbors with some baked goods too.

MOVIE NIGHTS (lots of them): Sweet and charmingly predictable holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel are my favorite shows to watch this time of year. 😍 However, when we all cozy up to watch a movie together, Hallmark holiday movies are never in the running... Christmas with the Kranks, Family Stone and The Holiday are some my favorite Christmas movies. :)

GAME NIGHTS: We just played some competitive yet laughter-filled rounds of Uno, which was a fun way to break up the week! Other favorite games include Monopoly, Yahtzee, and made-up charades.

CRAFTING: Homemade cards, stringing popcorn garlands, and making wreaths have been on the holiday craft rotation over the years.

COCONUT, OUR ELF: I don't think that my younger son truly believes, but he insisted that Coconut, our elf, come back this year. 😍 Coconut must have heard because he made his annual appearance on December 1st... and he shows up in a new spot daily!

PHOTO ORNAMENTS: I have collected photo ornaments since 2008 - one for each of our boys, one of them together, and a group photo ornament of the cousins. I used to hang all of them on its own ornament tree, but now they hang on the big Christmas tree or are split between the main tree and smaller trees. The collection has grown! Collecting photo ornaments is my favorite tradition.

ornaments holiday tree decorating
Preview of our 2020 Christmas Tree

Every Christmas Eve, we also host a family dinner and sleepover. Sadly, it is unlikely to happen in this pandemic year. I'm hopeful for a restorative new year.

'Tis the Season 2020!

(Photos 1, 2, 3 feature our Thanksgiving tablescape, the first Thanksgiving that we have ever celebrated at home. My sister and brother-in-law host Thanksgiving, but pandemic...)

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