Design Project: Transitional & Textural Family Room

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I'm sharing the "family room" section of the design project that I introduced here. This space is where the homeowners, a family of six, do their movie watching together as well as where their kids entertain friends.


The primary functional requests for this design were to provide abundant seating and two desk spaces. The client specifically requested a "space for a lot of kids" since this is where their kids entertain their friends. Everything had to withstand wear and tear. Moreover, the family room was designed in relation to the adjoining dining nook since it is part of an open-concept great room.


before room pictures online virtual interior e-design
before room pictures online virtual interior e-design


Similar to the dining part of this project, the design plan for the family room section also evolved. The original design and floor plan included a designated "workspace zone" to satisfy the design brief.

Here's a look at the original floor plan, which reflects the workspace:
professional online virtual interior e-design furniture layout and floor plan
The details of the workspace zone:

Professional online virtual interior e-design home office space design


The design ultimately evolved to emphasize and maximize seating capacity instead of desk space. With limited square footage, the client determined (at this stage in their lives) that having abundant sofa seating for entertaining superseded the need for multiple desks. Instead, we incorporated a huge sectional with dimensions that we creatively had to accommodate.
professional online virtual interior e-design floor plan layout

In order to accommodate the dimensions of the sectional, I tweaked the layout so the sectional bumped up to the wall where the workspace was originally placed. The new arrangement ensured enough space for proper traffic flow in/out of the area. Note: Access to a bar cabinet/sink was restricted with the new layout. This wasn't an issue for the homeowners since they never used the sink basin. It will eventually be "topped off" with a countertop.

Here's the final design:

Professional online virtual interior e-design textural transitional living room

The design is well underway to being fully executed. Most of the items have been delivered. Although the sectional was larger than planned, it works so well for the family that lives there - which is what matters. They have been thoroughly enjoying their new sectional for months now!

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