5 Easy & Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Updates

Feeling "tired" of how your room looks?  Small decorating changes can make a big impact.  Here are five quick and inexpensive decorating updates that can re-energize your space:

#1 Bring nature in:  Add plants, flowers, branches, leaves, or fresh fruits!  Place them in a pretty pot, vase, or bowl.  It'll appeal to your sense of smell too. (Tips: For an interesting look, recycle an old mason jar, clean coffee canister, or any non-traditional object (see the pineapple below!) to use as a container.  Teacups are great for small blooms, while old soda bottles work perfectly for holding just a few flowers!)

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#2 Replace old knobs:  Can't quite afford to replace a dated bathroom vanity or worn-out kitchen cabinets?  How about just updating the old knobs with something more modern?!  If you like your knobs, but they just need some sprucing up, try spraying or painting it in a new color!  If your cabinetry doesn't have hardware, try adding some.  This is a quick and affordable way to give your vanity and cabinets a fresher appearance.

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#3 Organize, organize, organize:  Use attractive trays, baskets, bins, etc. to help keep your room organized and clutter-free.  It's a functional way to store or hide things (think TV remote, magazines, toys), while simultaneously adding a decorative touch. (Tips: Trays and mini etageres are an especially great way to display and keep smaller items together, like glasses, canisters, soaps, etc.)

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#4 Add interest to plain lamp shades:  You can paint, add ribbon, use fabric, glue on paper or buttons, etc. to spice up a simple lamp shade!  You can trim just the edges, or update the entire shade.  It's up to you!  (Tips: Paint a pattern onto the top or underside of an inexpensive table lamp shade.  It'll cast a nice pattern and glow when the lamp is lit.  Add gold paint to just the edges of a basic black drum shade for a bit of sophistication!)

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#5 Rearrange the furniture:  This is FREE!  Spaces can often feel "new" again when you simply change the layout.  (Tips: Edit your accessories and clean the room as you move furniture around.  Identify a focal point.  Float furniture.  Reposition your desk for a new view.)

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In the room photo above, the fireplace is a natural focal point.  Note the tray and baskets used to keep items in order. The branches on the coffee table also add a touch of nature.

Hope these simple ideas have been helpful to get you started with your room decorating updates!

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