Design Trend: Turquoise

Turquoise, aqua, teal... whatever name you give it... it's a popular color right now!  You see it in clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, and many fashion accessories.

It's no surprise that turquoise is also a hot color trend in home design.  Fashion and interior design often go hand in hand.  I personally love the color because it's bold, energetic, and happy!  It definitely makes a statement.  The color turquoise can bring a tonal or neutral background to life.

The color combo of turquoise/aqua and coral is a very popular modern trend:

Source: HGTV

  • Use turquoise as an accent color.  It's easier and more affordable to update accessories (if you wish) than furniture.
  • Try combining turquoise with 1 or 2 other colors in a neutral room.  The combination will infuse color, pattern, dimension, and interest to an otherwise tonal space.
  • Repeat the color(s) throughout a space, but with restraint.  Often times, less is more.
  • Incorporate the color in unexpected ways (ex. paint the ceiling, the back of shelves, or a vintage dresser in turquoise!).
Spaces injected with turquoise:

Source: Coastal Living

Source: Pinterest

Source: House Beautiful

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

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