Feeling Blue

I am always "feeling blue", but not in the way the expression suggests.  Blue is one of my all-time favorite colors!  It is a classic color that will remain popular in design.  There are so many different shades of blue, ranging from warmer blue-green tones to cooler blue-gray tones.  I love the entire spectrum.

Check out my recent design that I submitted for a contest.  All I had to do was incorporate various shades of blue in the design.  Interestingly enough, I designed an office to feel blue in. :)

Rather than wrapping the room with blue paint or furnishing it with blue items, I chose to use the color as an accent.  Various shades of blue were introduced through the accessories.  The colors were repeated throughout the space to achieve a balanced and layered look.  The blue adds color, depth, dimension, and interest to an otherwise white/neutral background.

Source: Houzz

I love the indoor/outdoor aspect of this room.  The blue fits right in to the "breeziness" of the space.

Source: Sarah Richardson Design

I certainly wouldn't mind getting creative in this office space.  I'd feel so energized by the blue hues in the room!  I love everything that Sarah Richardson designs.

Source: Houzz

This bedroom exudes calm and relaxation, the perfect recipe for getting your zzzz's!

Source: Houzz

What a charming room!  Although it has hints of blue, it isn't masculine (nor feminine for that matter).  Doesn't it have a cozy cottage vibe?!

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